What in Incent?

Incent (INCNT)


Traditional programs are hamstrung by reward points with expensive liability for merchants. The expensive liability is cumbersome to earn and burn and have no currency beyond the merchant issuer. Incent is a digital asset platform that is enabled by the blockchain technology. It is an open, global and secure distributed ledger just like Bitcoin. Incent claims to be the future of loyalty. It harnesses the blockchain to turbocharge merchant revenue in such a want that even the traditional schemes have failed to achieve or match.

How does the Incent work?

The Incent platform is Loyalty reimagined. It works using three different ways. First, Incent is a digital asset just like Bitcoin. The platform is an open, global and secure blockchain open ledger. Another thing the platform uses is the Plug-in. Incent plug-in allows users to build and manage a powerful loyalty reward program from the platform. Users can use the platform so you can issue Incent as a reward for purchases and accept redemption for future purchases. Another thing that Incent has is the Mobile App. The mobile App allows your customers to receive rewards using a mobile App that is connected to their wallet. The wallet is connected to your products, promotions, and offers which can be purchased in-app, in-person or online.

Reasons why merchants love Incent?

Merchants love Incent because of its characteristics and features. Some of the features and characteristics that attract merchants include:

Plug and play: Incent allows rapid Plug and Play that you can incorporate into your existing infrastructure.

Pay as you go: you don’t need any setup cost, accounting overhead or subscription fees. You pay as you go.

Stay connected: users can onboard their customers instantly to a mobile app that connects to their reward wallets to the users’ offers, promotions, and products.

Delight your customers: Incent allows merchants to immediately delight your customers with unique and powerful open value incentive that drives business.

The Incent team.

The core team behind incent success and faster growth are based at their headquarters in Sydney Australia. The team list has been recently updated and the names of team members and their professional and expertise are not yet listed on the official Incent platform. According to what is written on the platform, the team list is going to be listed on the platform website soon. Being a digital asset reward, merchants can outsource liabilities and infrastructure cost to the blockchain, while consumers get instantly rewarded with their custom.



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