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Folio.ninja (FLN)

Folio.ninja is a free multi-fiat, multi-marketplace, multi-crypto portfolio tracking web application that is able to track your cryptographic and provide alerts based investment in real time. The platform gives users the means to act fast and make trading decisions based on the holistic view of their cryptographic portfolio given by Folio.ninja. The Folio.ninja team designed a free portfolio component to enable users to keep track of both their friends and their own crypto-based investments.

What feature is folio-ninja offering now?

The folio.ninja is a fully functional, SaaS application with the ability to track any cryptocurrency, compare it with other currencies and display a clear and concise a summary page. On top of this, Folio.ninja also has a notification system that sends an email and mobile notifications based on percentage change and value thresholds over time metrics. Some of the features that are now available on the platform include:

Portfolio Overview

The platform gives users real-time investment details for their entire portfolio. It shows the total invested, average cost, return on investment, total current valuation and profit/loss across all trades.

Real-time charting

This is new with many cryptocurrencies platforms. Folio.ninja gives users real-time charting that shows crypto pairs from all exchanges in the crypto world. They even show all the new additions that are added regularly the instant they are added.

Price alerts

Folio.ninja help user to stay to date with price movements in the crypto market by using email or mobile notification, they provide mobile alerting through Telegram

Planned additions

The folio.ninja is planning to add additions to its platform in the near future. Following their token sale, the platform will be working to incorporate these premium features to its platform. They are working to incorporate:

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS compatible mobile application.
  • API integration engine to provide a single pane of glass for executing and viewing trades
  • Automated trading based on user-defined settings and threshold or analytics
  • Social trading for users to follow and mimic the best cryptocurrency traders
  • Machine learning that gives an edge on other traders provides buying and selling signal in real time

Folio.ninja has both a subscription and free based tier. The subscription tier is funded through FLN ERC20 tokens. It provides users with access to advanced features, the free tier is free to any user and provide management, tracking and mobile and email alerts. Users are the one to decide what tier they want to use.

Project is no longer live

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