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So are you all set to launch your brand? You have got your business plan in place, your team is ready, but you need one more thing: A strong web presence! Now you need to know about email marketing, building a website and search engines. Are you ready for it? Do you know anything about creating a website? With the advancement in technology, it has become super-easy to create your very own website or even your own online stores. Yes, it’s possible without evening hiring a website developer. You need a free website builder tool or website maker. Let’s find out how a website creator tool works, its benefits, and other features.

A Website Builder

Using an efficient website builder is a stress-free way to get a user-friendly and professional website, with no expertise needed.

A website builder is a tool that allows you to create your website without code. Gone are the days when it was necessary to have coding knowledge to build a website. certainly, with such free website builders, it has become easy to create an attractive website in a few minutes.

This tool helps you establish your online presence, with your elements, content, and unique offerings tailored to your particular business goals. This tool is basically a drag-and-drop software, where you can customize elements with different layouts of your choice.

How A Website Builder Works

It works simply:

  1. All you need is to pick an attractive and less heavy template from a website builder’s library.
  2. Edit the chosen template’s built-in-elements and add your content, like images, videos, buttons, text, etc. to make your website personalized.
  3. Publish, and here you go, it’s done!

What You Need To Get Started?


This one is a basic step, but not the necessary one. You may need a domain to establish your business’ presence.  You would require to use a registrar— it will let you buy and register a domain name, securing your web address.

Secure website hosting service:

You need a good web hosting service. WP website builder offers the best wp hosting plans. You it helps you get a site on the internet, and you pay to store a website on servers.

Types of Website Builder

You can have two different types of website builders: online and offline. Obviously, you won’t require any software download for an online builder, but an internet connection.

Offline Builder

You can download and install software on your computer, which works as an offline website builder. The offline website builder will let you build the site and save your files on the computer. Once the website is ready, you have to upload all your files to a web host.

These builders’ advantage is that you don’t need to stay connected online while working on the site. But you have to upload the files online and require to make a web host purchase. Also, you may need some technical support. One of the examples of an offline website creator is

Online Website Builder

Online website builder is a software which is web-based. In offline builders, you require to download and install the software. After that, save files on the system and upload them. It can be quite time-consuming. On the other hand, an online website builder requires an internet connection with stable connectivity. You can work from any device and build your favorite site.

These website builders come with hosting services, so you might not need hosting services to purchase separately. These websites are mainly developed for people who know nothing about coding. So you may also don’t need any technical help.

How to Choose the right Website Maker?

There are lots of website builders available in the market. When you are about to pick the one, make sure you ensure these things;

Ease of use:

Ensure that the website maker is easily accessible. And if you are not a developer yourself, you can understand it well and use it according to your desire.

Customer Support:

The website creator must provide you with customer support in case of any future trouble.


Make sure the builder provides all features at affordable rates.

Domain & email options:

You would require a unique domain name to publish your website. Always look for a website creator which offers options for domain and email registration.

Look for SEO Features:

There are several website builders available online. Make sure that you choose the builder that comes with full advanced SEO features. You want to create a website that attracts users and helps you secure top positions in Google Search, so that builder should include SEO features that make doing on-site SEO simple.

Customization Option:

Even if a builder is with a pre-formatted layout, check for the one which allows you customization. An A+ builder should allow you add your personal touches, like text styles, varying fonts, and color schemes.

Among several website builders, there is ShareTribe, Tribe, etc. All of these sites are popular because they offer incredible unlimited features and easy to use interface.

We grouped for you below all the most popular website creators and popular app builders below for your convenience

Pros and Cons of a Website Creators

Website Builders pros vs cons

If you are a website creator, make sure you also know its pros and cons. Remember, every tool comes with its pros and cons. So it’s up to you to decide the one that suits your requirements.

Here are the pros and cons of a website builder;

Website Maker Pros:

  • No coding skills required:

A website maker is meant to make people’s lives easy, and people who know nothing about coding can start to build their web presence without any difficulty. You don’t need to be an expert, and you also don’t need to learn programming basics. Check for the website builder that is not required you to have coding skills.

  • Low maintenance:

There should be no to very less maintenance cost for website builders. The good website builders are easy-going and don’t require tricky upkeep. These are meant to provide you with convenience, so you don’t have to stress about the website.

  • Bundle of  Options:

A good website creator helps you in standing out from the crowd. It offers a full library of options, from optimized layouts to design elements, customization options, and much more.

  • Set up a website in a snap:

As a beginner, you won’t have enough skills, and so to save time, you need to choose a builder that can simplify the whole creation process. While having a good builder, you can create a unique and user-friendly website from a collection of excellent pre-formatted and attractive layouts.

  • No designing skill required:

The website building is not as easy as it looks. It does not involve coding. It requires designing skills too. But worry not online website builders have made this task easy. You will find unique and exclusive designs available on their platforms.  These designs might not look excellent, but they will drive traffic to your site for sure.

Website Makers Cons

  • Limited Functions:

The website maker provides you to build a website with many options but not with all options, and there are chances that you might feel limited with options. Nor all sites allow creativity adjusted on their platforms. They might set some rules regarding restricted pages or fewer e-commerce options.

  • SEO problems:

Many SEO experts do not recommend website builders to set up your site. There are many reasons for it, the main one is slow page loading site. Google recommends user-friendly sites, and if speed is slow, it does not allow them to rank higher on a search engine.


Website Builders are useful indeed, and if you make sure that you have selected the site with the best available rates, you can avail maximum benefits with zero stress for your work.

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