What is Wax Token?

World Asset exchange (WAX)





The World Asset Exchange (WAX) is a new blockchain platform that sets over 400 million people who trade on the video game assets. WAX is a project of Opskins which is the world largest marketplace for trading video game assets. OPSKins has millions of users and over 200,000 new registrations each month. By launching WAX, the OPSKins wants to be the largest revenue company to transition its business model to the blockchain model. Virtually, all major hedge fund and crypto VC have already invested in the company. WAX will allow for individual virtual in-game item exchanges to be created and easily, securely and transparently hosted on the blockchain technology.

WAX Vision

The WAX team plans to solve most of the problems that the virtual item trading industry if facing. Their vision is to create a global virtual item repository that will be accessible to anyone. The repository will provide a complete catalog of all items available in real time. When the repository is coupled with a reliable, low-cost settlement network, it will vastly improve market liquidity and price discovery thereby increasing market size. The purpose of WAX is to enable everyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in payment processing, security, and infrastructure.

WAX token

WAX is the utility token of the WAX exchange. The token is coupled with a decentralized platform, which is the WAX platform and will be used by participants in the trading industry. The participants include listing and selling agents, appraisers, affiliates, seller, buyers and item transfer agents. WAX tokens can be used in a multitude of functions including transferring digital items and apportioning fees out to marketplace participants.

WAX fuels the growth of the WAX platform and the secondary market for video game virtual items. The token will also enable 1.8 billion gamers worldwide to harness the power of a developed, and complex virtual item ecosystem. WAX will also provide security, liquidity, settlement and other necessary features for a well-functioning market.

Wax Vision Video

Wax token sale

The WAX Pre-sale started on October 18th, 2017 and will run until the October 23rd, 2017. The pre-sale during can be extended if the pre-sale cap of 51 million tokens is not reached. The main sale will start on October 24th, 2017 and will run until November 8th, 2017. Again the main sale can be extended if WAX team fails to reach the cap sale of 13, 750, 000 tokens.

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