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In recent weeks, the world has been hit by Wallstreetbets. A large reddit community that has decided to target hedge funds and financial organizations that have decided to bet against the success of a listed company. This means they are shortened rather than purchasing company stocks (selling).

Wallstreetbets focuses on short squeeze creation. When a stock or other asset jumps higher, traders have to purchase it to avoid further losses. A short squeeze happens. As a result, their purchase attempt can be the cause of the increase in prices.

Wallstreetbets video explanation


Please use the information stated as a guideline

Largest Short stocks positions

You can see below the latest largest short stocks position to understand what stock my be targeted next. In addition you can keep yourself informed by going to Marketbeat short stocks tracker.

The best place to buy the stocks or cryptocurrencies that Wallstreetbets is going to target is via eToro.

eToro has a large vast offering of stocks and cryptocurrencies that are currently shorted by financial institutions.

Largest Short stocks


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