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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest buzzwords in today’s modern world. It is now acting the spine businesses need for digital transformation data generation and collection. Nowadays, it is an advanced form of technology capable of giving machines experiences they need to adjust to inputs and perform some tasks like a human.'

AI History

The origin of Artificial Intelligence dates back to 1956. This was the time when AI technology was first used to explore concepts like problem-solving and symbolic methods.

The US Department of Defense also started taking interest in Artificial intelligence. Most important, their objective was to train machines (Computers) about basic human reasoning. The department also contributed through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Agency) through:

  • The completion of street mapping projects in the 1970s
  • The production of intelligent personal assistants before Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

In short, advancements in this domain are making machines capable of accomplishing some tasks like a human. This is mainly possible with deep learning and natural language processing.

Sectors Applying Artificial Intelligence Technology:

This form of technology is really changing the way things are done. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is now being implemented in all walks of life. For example:


The banking sector is now witnessing the impact of AI technology. Nina is a chatbot deployed by the Swedbank. She is a great example of advanced technology smart enough to answer more than 75% questions by customers in the first place. She can successfully pass complex calls to the staff members and answer well over 30,000 queries at her own via chat.

E-commerce Industry:

China wants to overtake the United States and cement itself as the global leader in this domain of technology. This is why the government of China plans on investing at least $1trillion in artificial intelligence and machine learning by 2030. This is why the government of China is backing Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company known for recording $248m in transactions daily. The company is also responding to the government with heavy investments in AI and ML. Given below are the examples of it:

Tmall Smart Selection:

First It is an algorithm that acts as an advisor for shoppers. As well, it advises them the products they can purchase. Moreover it also informs sellers to fill their inventory to keep up with the demand. Simply, it is actually an algorithm developed using artificial technology. Consequently it is also backed by the following to do its job perfectly:

  • Deep Learning
  • Natural language Processing:

Dian Xiaomi

Firstly, It is a chatbot capable of understanding. But also answering more than 90% questions of customers effectively. Dian Xiaomi nearly answers at least 3.5 million queries every day. To clarify, It is intelligent enough to understand human emotions for staff’s intervention.  

Robots to pack: Drones to Deliver:

The company is using more than 200 robots in its smart stores with the aim to achieve more than 1 million shipments on daily basis. These robots received orders, packaged and shipped the goods to prove their efficiency on Singles’ Day. In some cases, Alibaba was able to deliver goods to customers on the same day. The credit goes to the efficiency of these robots. The company used drones to deliver products on the same day.

Cyber Defense:

Businesses are nowadays going digital for survival and growth in the future. This is why a technology capable of safeguarding the interests of businesses is required. It is because business digitalization has inspired criminals to be tech-savvy like never before and launch high-scale sensitive attacks, cloud ransom attacks and deep penetration of longer dwell times.  AI is now proving its metal on this front too. Facts speak volumes in this regard! According to an AdText report, Breach level index noticed at least 2 billion data breaches in 2017. At least 69% of these attacks caused identity theft. According to the same report, at least 76% were lost accidentally.

RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks) have the capacity to process the sequence of inputs and can be utilized with machine learning technologies for inventing SLTs (Supervised Learning Technologies capable of tracking any suspicious user activity. It will also help detect more than 85% attempts of cybercrimes efficiently. Companies like DarkTrace, Cyclane, and DeepInstinct are already working in this direction actively.

(Source CB Insights)

TOP  AI Companies To Invest In 2020:

2020, will be remember as the ”Covid-19” and remote year. we covered below the top five AI companies leveraging 2020 events :



SentinelOne does autonomous endpoint protection that prevents, detects, and responds to attacks across all major vectors.

The company develop a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection. It’s one that applies AI and machine learning to thwart known and unknown threats. This has proven to be very useful. Especially when most company are working from home. For example, companies such, Gartner, NSS Labs, and industry leading organizations recognize that our approach sets us apart.



DeepCube features a proprietary platform that generates neural networks that use processing power and memory.

Firstly, the company provides the first software-based inference accelerator. As a result, it is creating a drastic improvement of deep learning performance on any existing hardware. It is the only technology that allows efficient deployment of deep learning models on intelligent edge devices.

TOP  AI Companies To Invest In 2019:

Coming to the point, if you are planning to leverage the potential of AI for your business, here are the top five AI companies to trust in 2019:



Skyline, headquartered inTel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, is a company redefining the real-estate investment using the potential of AI technology. The company helps property investors make smart decisions. Founded in 2017, the company is backed by Sequoia Capital. It has successfully raised $21 million in total funding so far. The objective is to ensure smart commercial property investment. The company also has an office in New York, United States.



Cortica has stamped its authority in the domain of AI technology for visual perceptions since 2007. The company has more than 200 patents under the leadership of Mr. Asher Avital (CFO &Company Secretary), Igal Raichelguaz (Co-Founder and CEO), Mr. Yehoshua (Josh) Zeevi (Co-Founder and Chief Scientist and Karina Odinaev (Co-Founder, COO and The Vice President of Product Development). The company has successfully raised the fund of at least 69.4M through investors like Lanta Capital Holdings, Mail.RU Group, YanonKreiz and Horizon Ventures. The objective of this firm is to help build smart vehicles, cities, drones, and systems that recognize human face like no other system.

Zebra- Med (Zebra Medical)

zebra med

Zebra Med is an Israeli AI company headquartered from Shefayim Commercial Center, KibbutShefayim is backed by investors like Intermountain Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, NVidia, OurCrowd and many more. This machine learning startup aims to equip radiologists with the tools and technology required to automate medical image diagnosis and with accuracy for better patient care. The company seems to be on right track with offers like $1 AI based medical scans on Google Cloud. The company has also managed to raise $30M fund to help radiologists detect health issues through AI and Intermountain has also invested $12M in it for the same.


MinerEye provides smart solutions for effective data governance. Founded in 2014, it is led by Avner Atias, Gideon Barak, and Yaniv Avidan. The company is backed by AWZ HLS Investment and has successfully raised the finding of at least $4.6M in total.  The company has successfully developed AI-based solutions like Data Tracker.


Siemplify is a New York-based American AI solution provider was founded in 2015 by Mr. Alon Cohen, Amos Stern, and Garry Fatakhov. This early-stage venture is also known as the Cyrx Inc. Firms like 83North, G20Ventures, Greylock Partners and many more are investors in this $28M company. The startup provides AI based smart solutions to security analysts for improving security operations.

The Bottom Line:

The Artificial intelligence is fast becoming a technological solution required to make this world a better place to live. It is already showing its impact in many walks of human life in different parts of the world. Therefore, many businesses now also want to leverage the potential it offers. In conclusion, if you are looking for a company providing the best AI technology-based solutions, think about the information you’ve got here!

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