Investing in Crypto Payment Solutions

This year we saw a significant growth in regards to the crypto market cap, moving from $10 billion to $146 billion dollars market cap.

What does such increase in market cap mean?  An Increase in such market cap means in simple words, a larger adoption, a further recognition and an increase of use of cryptocurrencies.

Some companies such as Bitpay and Xapo companies are offering a payment solution to help crypto holders convert and spend their crypto into fiat.

Since the ICO boom, we have seen companies issuing a token to raise money and also to create awareness and buzz around their products or services. The company that raised the most money seems to get the most media attention.

At the image below, I have compared VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal to show the actual growth in the stock prices through out the years.

Mastercard had over 500% growth since it went public and 400% since VISA went public.


Payment Preference habits( research done by TSYS)



Based on the research from TSYS, higher household income shows a significant increase in debit card and credit usage.

If we apply the same logic to the crypto market cap, the bigger the market cap, the higher your coins values get.

Therefore,  as well the payment provider solutions company should see an increase in revenue and token price.

Some crypto companies to consider adding to your portfolio for long-term holding.




Credits to: TSYS



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