Task Management 101: Best Project Managing Tools

Managing tasks and project managing has never been an easy task for anyone. You may find that there are many projects you have to handle in a day, and you wonder how to do that. The small tasks make up a project. Running a new project starts with planning, tracking the ideas, testing, monitoring, and reporting the outcome. In addition, to run all these steps effectively, you will need to know how to use project managing tools and have some task management skills.

How to use task management tools and project managing tools

Many processes entail task management. Firstly it is defined as a process of planning tasks to execute and report on the functions effectively. Through these skills, teams can keep track of their duties, set deadlines, prioritise tasks, and assign them efficiently. With the help of it you will finish assignments promptly. So you will not lose track of your work.

You need to differentiate project management from task management because they tend to be confusing terms. The broader term is project management, and it incorporates task management. The projects, when broken down into smaller complex but manageable projects, they become tasks. In task management, people work on units; instead, they break down projects into units. However, in project management, there are many workloads; hence it’s broken down into milestones.  You can set up different milestones in one project and get alerts after completing every milestone. That way, you can easily coordinate your work through such project management tools. In task management, the tasks involved have actions that need to be accomplished in different project stages. That’s where the difference comes in between the two.

How to Set a Successful Milestone

Project management encompasses many things like budgeting, resource allocation, delegations, and meeting tasks, among others. The milestones use task management tools to aid in meeting deadlines faster. All tasks are performed using project management software or project managing tools. The advantages of applying these tools are widespread, and the main benefit is you will meet deadlines, and you can easily organise your work.

Task Management Approaches

Industries have their way of approaching task management. And some approaches are passed over generations in a company. You may find that some methods are recent, while others are have been in existence for a while. All in all, the techniques help various departments in a company differently. You may find the procurement department has different project management tools from the production department. Some of these tools and techniques include:

The agile approach

In 2001 some software developers came up with this software, which is similar to the waterfall method. An agile approach is a project managing tools and it aids in delivering value to customers within a short period. In short, it aids in meeting deadlines in milestones, and it helps in the management of resources.

The approach detects any defects in the project and this aids in the early rectification of errors.

Kanban tool

The word Kanban means billboards in the Japanese language. It was developed in the early 1940s by Toyota to aid in J.I.T manufacturing systems. The tool helps in controlling inventory, and it enhances production processes.

The kanban board tool is useful in the organisation of tasks and tracking different processes. With this tool, firms can identify defects too, but it’s only useful for complex subjects.

The approach of “eat that frog”

The approach emanates from a famous quote of mark twain, and this tool some to aid in overcoming procrastination. Human beings tend to procrastinate many things, and that’s how you end up snoozing an alarm and missing out on opportunities.

The moment you finish tasks promptly, you feel proud of yourself, and that’s the goal of this tool. The staff members can complete problematic tasks that tend to be time-consuming through this tool. You can prioritise tasks and categorise them depending on urgency to avoid the snooze attitude!

The GTD ( getting things done) approach

Among all task tools, this methodology has several ideas that hold it, and it has five steps. The steps include;

Clarification, capturing, organising, reflection, engaging, and all these skills are vital for successful task management.

You can use these charts to illustrate changes or progress in projects because it shows the total milestones completed.  You need management skills to use a Gantt chart because it can get a bit complex.

The best apps for task management

When managing any project, it’s essential to prioritise tasks, and you should review your progress list daily. That’s why the below apps are the best due to its unique features.  The apps can easily sync with other tools.  Hence, your team can easily wrap up their progress.

Many companies use the app because it allows collaborative ways of handling tasks. You can also share tasks with other team members using this app, and that way, they can collaborate on ensuring the project is a success.

Here Are Some Skills for Effectiveness in Time Management

  • learn how to prioritise tasks. In addition start using a to-do list. You can free up time for finishing the most critical tasks first.
  • Moreover, it would be best if you had a schedule to focus on the tasks at hand first and complete all the tasks promptly.
  • In addition, it would be best if you were flexible when handling tasks and projects to eliminate negative results.  With flexibility in operations, you can easily succeed in your milestones!
  • Lastly, learn how to delegate tasks appropriately and maintain good communication skills.

Importance of Task Management and Project Managing Tools

  • You can complete your tasks in a short while. Everyone is a project manager nowadays; hence time is a valuable asset in every company. To save on time through teamwork cooperation, you should use task tools.
  • Through these tools, you can monitor how tasks are being executed in the company. That way, you will control the team tasks performance, and this will lead to success!
  • You can easily delegate tasks if you are dealing with teams, which helps maximise resources and reduce wastage.
  • Efficiency is guaranteed when you use these tools in project management, and this saves on time.
  • Teamwork becomes more accessible with these tools because they allow collaboration of tasks, and they are convenient for all staff members.
  • Ease of use; Entry-level employees’ can also learn how these task tools work. You don’t need to be an expert to understand how these tools work!
  • You can easily organize your tasks using all these tools, and your project will be successful!

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