Stock Options Management-The Best Strategies

About two decades ago, companies gave their executives compensation in the form of cash like basic salaries and bonuses. While as time has changed, stock options and stock management became dominant. Most corporations’ grant stock as an equity compensation of employees.

What Are Stock Options?

A stock option is referred to as a compensation deal with some financial options between a company and its employee. A stock option provides you the benefit of buying the company’s share at a certain amount an in a fixed number for a specific time. Remember, there are two main types of Stock options available, each with different rules and tax payment strategies. They are:

  1. Incentive options
  2. Non-qualified options

However, if you managed stock options correctly and are excised to reduce the tax consequences, these stock options can be the most important part of your wealth.

Understand What You Have!

They are a form of incentive rewards for compensation and to retain the best employees for a longer period for companies benefit. However, executives need to make comprehensive plans to managed stock options, and, in this way, they can get the opportunity to make most of their stock grants. For this, you need to know the taxation of both stock options.


In the Incentive stock option, when you exercise the stock option and retain it, there is no tax accountability until the recipient forms an on-sale disqualifying disposition or sells the stock. However, for exercising a Non-qualified stock option, you need to pay taxes at the time of exercising as well as at the time of selling.

Strategies of Stock Options Management!

Every company has different offers for exercising of stock options. Before exercising, and if you have any options, you must consider a few strategies of stock options Management:

  • A cashless exercise is one of the strategies in which a vested option takes place at preset prices. While options are sold immediately following exercise, and there is not out of pocket amount.
  • When an executive exercises option without using additional cash to buy the employer’s remaining shares, it is a cashless hold. With this strategy, you can sell stock to overcome the price of exercising taxes and options at the time of exercising. However, you will get the frictional shares and remaining shares in the form of cash.
  • Schedule the exercise of a stock option to control taxes. However, taxes are withholding by some companies at the time of excising the option.
  • Consider the stock SWAT strategy. In this case, you can use the company’s stock; you are already owned for funding the exercise of options.
  • Suppose the plan allows gifting the NSOs. With this strategy’s help, you can separate the number of options from the estate and transfer the appreciations, possibly with low tax, to others in the future.
  • Consider using a Stock Option Platform that help you exercise your options such as EquityBee or EquityZen.

You can enrich your knowledge further by reading more about Stock Options.

Final Words:

Several executives do not manage stock options and, by mistake, sell their stock options too early without waiting for future appreciation of these stocks and eventually get no gain. However, if you are an option owner, it is advisable to do the stock options management prior and get the most out of your stock options.

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