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SEO makes the site rank higher in the results of an organic search engine. If you have a business site then with the aid of keyword tools, SEO lets your customers see your page at the top of all other sites. Moreover, it  helps you enhance your website by scanning the inconsistency of your website.  In addition,  you can  enhance your website, make your content more accessible to consumers, and better rank your website with the help of the site analyzer.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Many organic search engines will decide how your website will get viewers based on their researched question. According to StatCounter, Google has 90% of search queries. The main goal of most online business people is to keep their website at the top of the list whenever a customer searches for specific keywords or their product. Webmaster tools such as Google Search Console, has a lot of algorithms and AI to check for defective web pages and rank the best ones out of it. This makes it a challenge to keep the website at the top and arrange it better.

There is no shortcut to rank your site on top on all the search engines especially not organically. You have an alternate option of using Google Adwords, this will surely keep your site on top of the research queries, but it will always show the visitor that it is a paid promotion. A proper and good SEO strategy is needed to keep your website on top of the search engines. Search engine optimization can scan your site's content, and you can always replace it with the more suitable choices. After that, the customers will use a keyword research tool to research their query, and your site will pop up on top. Before formulating a strategy, we should know how Google site analyzer works.

How Google Rank Sites?

Whenever you search a query, its primary purpose is to show you the most relevant website related to your question and also the most popular ones. Google keyword planner helps the user with keyword suggestions keyword research and google trends. It also shows the most suitable and popular options, which is also a type of SEO. There are two main factors that Google considers while ranking a site, its website SEO checker checks the content (content marketing) and analyze it and then show it according to the researched keyword and search traffic. Google always offers the most popular sites on top because of the basis of the search volume on that website.

How to build an SEO Strategy?

There are three steps to improve your website’s search engine optimization. 

Technical Setup

Before ranking your website, google analyze three things on your website. First, it scans for your pages on the website. Secondly, it matched the keywords of the query with your content and finally, it ranks your website by comparing your content with all the other same content Google found for that query. Even though it looks an easy process, but it's not. Google doesn't care about the designing and all the other factor you included on your website to make it look attractive. Google check SEO which means your website is nothing but just a text for Google. This is why you need a technical setup to rank your site better. A few factors are affecting the optimization of your site:

  • Website's Links: Keep your links simple and in text form, as images can't be scanned
  • Simple URL: Keep your URL simple, short and related to your main keyword
  • Page Speed: Don't keep heavy material on your page that can affect the speed and quality of your page
  • Dead Links: Keep on checking for any dead links or broken URLs of your site that can lead the visitor and keyword analyzer to a non-existent page. 
  • Site Map: Avoid putting robot.txt files on the search bar (or as the first thing in your website)
  • Copied Content: Avoiding copying data from other websites. This factor leads you with a negative effect. 


The most factor in SEO is the content of your website. Your content should be relevant to your queries. This content should contain the main keywords that you want to be researched. These keywords also should be included in the ‘title', ‘h1', URL and metadata of the page. It will help keyword analyzers to confirm that this is the webpage user is looking for. Putting external and internal links about the keywords is also an excellent option to improve SEO.

The first two factors were to ensure the relevancy of the keywords. Links are necessary to keep the quality of your p=webpage. You need to keep your link simple, and there should be the keyword that you want your site to be ranked on. A proper domain and relevant and straightforward link can increase your optimization significantly.

How to measure SEO?

There are many tools and ways to keep your SEO in check. You can use SEO rank checker and keyword tools to check where your website ranks on Google. Monitoring your website can also tell you about the small updates you need to do to improve the optimization. There are a lot of tools and SEO checkers available to measure the optimization.

Website Crawling 101

Website crawling is an expensive process which is used to analyze the quality of the content of your website. It works with the help of artificial intelligence that moves from links to links within your page and also to check the external links. They can scan the researched keywords more thoroughly. They can also detect dead links and broken URLs.  It can be beneficial to improve your website's optimization.

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. It works when a website mentions another website in its content; the link that directs the visitor to the said website is known as a backlink or inbound link. It is also an essential factor to improve the optimization of your webpage.

SEO Tools


Search engine optimization is an essential part of any web page. You will want to rank your website on top of all the other pages on google. Google uses these keyword tools to help users improve their research. Then there is SEO checker that scans your website for errors and faults. With the help of site analyzer, you can improve your website’s visibility. To make your website on top, you should keep your content direct and straightforward, as well as the links. Several tools can help you improve the Search engine optimization.  

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