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Crypto Price Analysis

Over the last 24 hours the crypto market capitalization fluctuated by almost $40 billion.

Source: Coinmarketcap

To decide if the sharp price fluctuation, will continue or whether a short-term reversal is around the corner, let's examine the Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, Cardano, XLM and Chainlink.

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XRP has almost touched 2 times the support level of $59 cents in the last 24h. As long as XRP stays above the $59 cent support level, XRP is on track to make a breakout and exceed $65 cent resistance level.

xrp price analysis


Currently, XLM appears to keep the price above the $17 cent support level. XLM will most likely try to break the 19 cents resistance level in the next 24 hours. Failure to stay above the $19 cent resistance level will push back the price below $17 cent range.

xlm price analysis


ADA was able to withstand the major selloff with had yesterday above the support level of $14 cents. The current new resistance level is $17 cents. With the current momentum, ADA will probably try to have a breakout above the resistance level. If ADA is enable to stay above $17 cents, ADA price will fluctuate between $14 cents- $16.5 cents

ada price analysis
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LINK was also able to withstand yesterday selloff above the support level of $12.95. It is currently holding well above the $12.95 support level. Chainlink will most likely get some further rejection toward the next resistance level of $14.1 cents.

chainlink price analysis


ETH in the last 24 hours was also affected by a major selloff, leading to $80 price drop at some point. In addition, ETH was able to withstand the selloff at the $550 resistance level. ETH currently trading around $598. Ethereum will need to stay above the support level of $573 to try and break the resistance level of $617.

eth price analysis


Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, had a drop of almost $2000 after failing to break the $20k resistance level It is currently trading above the moving average.
In order for BTC to break the next resistance level $1853, it need to consolidate above $18400 for the next few days. Yesterday selloff of Bitcoin broke 2 support levels and almost the 3 support level of $18000. In order to see less price fluctuation, BTC must consolidate around $18400. Failure to consolidate will create additional sharpe price fluctuation.

btcusd price analysis

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