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Introduction to Novomatic: 

Novomatic is a prominent international gambling company that was founded in Austria in 1980 by Johann Graf. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the largest high-tech gaming technology companies globally. The company operates in the gaming industry and offers a diverse range of products and services, including casino games, gaming equipment, and technology solutions.

Novomatic has achieved substantial success in the gambling sector, with a presence in about 50 countries and around 2,000 casinos and gaming facilities. The company is known for its innovative and cutting-edge gaming technologies that cater to both land-based and online casinos.

Company history: 

Novomatic has a rich history of over four decades in the gaming industry. It was founded by Johann Graf and has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a global gaming powerhouse. Throughout its history, Novomatic has focused on developing high-quality gaming products and solutions, contributing to its reputation as a leading player in the industry.

Significance in the online casino industry: 

Novomatic's significance in the online casino industry is substantial due to its extensive range of casino games and gaming technology. The company is renowned for its slot games, which are widely popular among players worldwide. Novomatic's innovative approach to game development and commitment to providing an engaging gaming experience has contributed to its success in both land-based and online casinos.

Importance of choosing the right Novomatic casino: 

When selecting a Novomatic casino, several factors are crucial to consider to ensure a positive and enjoyable gaming experience:

Trustworthiness: Choose a casino that is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities. A trustworthy casino will prioritise fair play, secure transactions, and data protection.

Game variety: Look for a Novomatic casino that offers a diverse selection of games. This variety allows players to explore different themes, features, and game types, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

User experience: A user-friendly and intuitive interface enhances the enjoyment of playing casino games. A well-designed casino platform makes it easy to navigate, find games, and manage your account.

Promotions and bonuses: Casinos often offer various promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs. Look for a Novomatic casino that provides attractive offers, such as welcome bonuses, free spins, and ongoing promotions for regular players.

Customer support: Efficient and responsive customer support is essential. Choose a casino that offers multiple support channels, such as live chat, email, and phone, to assist with any inquiries or issues.

Payment options: Ensure that the casino supports convenient and secure payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. A variety of payment options caters to different player preferences.

Why choose Novomatic games?

Novomatic games are a popular choice among players in the online casino industry for several compelling reasons:

Game quality:

Graphics, Gameplay Mechanics, and User Interface

Novomatic games are known for their high-quality graphics, immersive gameplay mechanics, and user-friendly interfaces. The company places a strong emphasis on creating visually appealing and engaging games that captivate players. The graphics in Novomatic games are often rich in detail, featuring vibrant colours, intricate designs, and thematic elements that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay mechanics in Novomatic titles are carefully crafted to provide a balanced blend of excitement and entertainment. The company offers a diverse range of game types, from classic fruit machines to modern video slots with innovative features and bonus rounds. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for players to navigate game controls, place bets, and customize settings according to their preferences.

Fair Play and trustworthiness:

RTP Percentages and Fairness Certificates

Novomatic prioritises fairness and transparency in its games. Return to Player (RTP) percentages are often prominently displayed for each game, indicating the average amount of money a player can expect to win back over time. This information empowers players to make informed decisions about which games to play based on their preferences and desired payout potential.

Furthermore, Novomatic games undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure their fairness and random outcomes. The company holds various licences and certifications from reputable regulatory authorities, affirming its commitment to providing fair and trustworthy gaming experiences.

Innovation and uniqueness: Differentiation from other providers

Novomatic stands out from other game providers through its commitment to innovation and uniqueness. The company continuously seeks to push the boundaries of game development by introducing novel features, mechanics, and themes. This dedication to innovation has led to the creation of iconic titles that have become favourites among players.

Novomatic's games often incorporate creative bonus rounds, interactive elements, and innovative gameplay mechanics that set them apart from conventional slot games. This approach ensures that players are consistently engaged and excited while playing Novomatic games, making their gaming sessions more enjoyable and memorable.

Best Novomatic onlines casinos

Casinos Supported
Offers Welcome
  • Welcome bonus up to €1500 + up to 500 Free Spins
Restricted in the UK/US
ice casino-2 (1)
  • Welcome bonus up to €1500 + 270 Free Spins
Restricted in the UK/US
verde casino
verde casino 2
  • Welcome bonus up to €1200 + 200 Free Spins
Restricted in the UK/US
vulkan vegas (1)
vulkan vegas (2)
  • Welcome bonus up to €1500 + 150 Free Spins

Top Novomatic Games

Novomatic offers a wide range of popular casino games that have gained immense popularity among players. Here are some of the most well-known Novomatic games along with brief reviews, key features, RTP (Return to Player), volatility, and screenshots to enhance your understanding of these titles:

Book Of Ra

– Theme: Ancient Egypt adventure

– Special Features: Free spins with expanding symbol, gamble feature

– RTP: Around 95.10%

– Volatility: Medium to high

Book Of Ra” is a classic video slot game developed by Novomatic. Set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt, this game invites players to embark on an adventurous journey with an archaeologist to uncover the mysteries of the Pharaohs. With its iconic symbols, including the scarab beetles and the golden sarcophagus, as well as the eponymous Book of Ra itself, players can unlock free spins and expanding symbols, making the quest for hidden treasures even more thrilling. Its timeless graphics and captivating gameplay have solidified “Book of Ra” as a favourite among slot enthusiasts worldwide

Lucky Lady's Charm:

– Theme: Magic and fortune

– Special Features: Free spins with 3x multiplier, gamble feature

– RTP: Approximately 95.13%

– Volatility: Low to medium

Lucky Lady's Charm is a captivating slot game developed by Novomatic, offering players a magical experience filled with lucky charms and enchanting symbols. Set against a whimsical backdrop, this game entices players with its combination of vibrant graphics, engaging sound effects, and rewarding features. Central to the game is the alluring Lady herself, who acts as a wild symbol and can double your winnings. With free spins and multipliers on offer, players are bound to be spellbound by the potential rewards. Dive into a world of luck and charm and see if fortune favours you

Dolphin's Pearl:

– Theme: Underwater adventure

– Special Features: Free spins with 3x multiplier, gamble feature

– RTP: About 95.13%

– Volatility: Low to medium

Dive deep into the azure waters of the ocean with the Dolphin's Pearl slot game. This enchanting slot transports players to an underwater realm filled with marine treasures. With its captivating graphics and serene aquatic ambiance, the game showcases dolphins, pearls, and other sea creatures on its reels. Known for its engaging features and potential rewards, Dolphin's Pearl offers both novice and seasoned slot enthusiasts a thrilling gaming experience beneath the waves. Whether you're on the hunt for buried treasure or simply seeking a refreshing slot adventure, Dolphin's Pearl promises a splash of excitement with every spin

Sizzling Hot Deluxe:

– Theme: Classic fruit machine

– Special Features: No free spins, high paying scatter wins

– RTP: Approximately 95.66%

– Volatility: Medium

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a classic fruit-themed slot game that harks back to the traditional slot machines of yesteryears. Developed by Novomatic, this vibrant game features 5 reels and 5 paylines. With its colourful fruit symbols, traditional 7s, and star scatters, it promises straightforward gameplay without the distraction of complex bonus rounds. Its simplicity and nostalgic appeal have made it a favourite among both novice and seasoned slot enthusiasts. Spin the reels and let the fruits align for potential big wins!

Lord of the Ocean:

– Theme: Mythical sea adventure

– Special Features: Free spins with expanding symbol, gamble feature

– RTP: Around 95.10%

– Volatility: Medium

Dive deep into the mystical realms of Poseidon, the god of the sea, with the “Lord of the Ocean” slot game. Set against an enchanting underwater backdrop, this game captivates players with its ancient, oceanic symbols and the promise of hidden treasures. With captivating graphics, immersive sound effects, and engaging bonus features, “Lord of the Ocean” offers slot enthusiasts a thrilling aquatic adventure, unrivalled in its allure and potential rewards

Mega Joker:

– Theme: Classic fruit machine with a twist

– Special Features: Supermeter mode, progressive jackpot

– RTP: Approximately 95.05%

– Volatility: High

Mega Joker is a classic slot game developed by Novomatic, renowned for its vintage design and straightforward gameplay. Set against the backdrop of traditional fruit symbols, this game takes players on a nostalgic journey back to the early days of slot machines. Featuring a progressive jackpot and the iconic joker symbol as its central character, Mega Joker offers both seasoned and new players an engaging and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

These Novomatic games showcase a diverse range of themes, gameplay mechanics, and features to cater to different player preferences. From ancient adventures to classic fruit machines, Novomatic's titles offer engaging gameplay and the potential for exciting wins. The provided screenshots give you a visual glimpse of the games' graphics and design, enhancing your overall understanding and engagement.

Novomatic offers a range of casino games, including slot games, and playing these games on mobile devices can be a convenient and enjoyable experience. Here's an overview of mobile compatibility for Novomatic games, the benefits of mobile gaming, and a list of some of the best Novomatic mobile casinos:

Mobile Compatibility for Novomatic Games:

Novomatic has recognized the importance of mobile gaming and has made efforts to optimise their games for various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Many of their popular slot games are available for mobile play. These games are often developed using HTML5 technology, which ensures compatibility across different mobile platforms and operating systems.

Benefits of mobile gaming:

  • Convenience: Play Novomatic games anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a compatible mobile device and an internet connection.
  • Accessibility: Mobile gaming allows you to access your favourite Novomatic games without the need for a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Flexibility: Whether you're at home, commuting, or waiting for an appointment, you can enjoy Novomatic games on your mobile device.
  • Touchscreen experience: Many Novomatic games are designed to take advantage of touchscreen interfaces, offering an immersive and interactive gaming experience.

Best Novomatic mobile casinos

Novomatic is a name synonymous with high-quality casino games. With the advent of mobile gaming, many casinos have adapted Novomatic's popular games to their platforms, ensuring a seamless gaming experience on the go. Here's a look at four standout mobile casinos that feature Novomatic's finest offerings:

Ice Casino:

  • Overview: Ice Casino delivers a chilling and thrilling gaming experience right at your fingertips. With its cool blue design and easy-to-navigate interface, it stands out among mobile platforms.
  • Novomatic games: Expect a broad selection of Novomatic titles, from classic slots to the latest releases.
  • Features: With prompt customer support and regular promotions, Ice Casino keeps players engaged and rewarded.

Verde Casino

  • Overview: Verde Casino, with its green-themed interface, emphasises responsible gaming and offers an eco-friendly touch to the casino experience.
  • Novomatic games: A curated selection ensures that only the most popular and exciting Novomatic games are available for play.
  • Features: Frequent promotions, coupled with a loyalty program, make Verde Casino a top choice for regular players.

GGBET Casino:

  • Overview: Originally known for its esports betting, GGBET has expanded into the casino world, offering a wide array of games and betting options.
  • Novomatic games: GGBET's selection of Novomatic games is expansive, catering to both slot enthusiasts and table game aficionados.
  • Features: Its unique esports connection allows players to switch between casino gaming and esports betting seamlessly, providing a diverse gaming experience.

Vulkan Vegas Casino

  • Overview: Inspired by the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas, Vulkan Vegas brings the glitz and glamour of Sin City to mobile players.
  • Novomatic games: Featuring a mix of Novomatic's classic hits and recent releases, there's something for every type of player.
  • Features: With a multi-tiered loyalty program and regular tournaments, Vulkan Vegas keeps the excitement levels high.

Before playing on any online casino, make sure to check their reputation, security measures, and available promotions. Additionally, keep in mind that the availability of Novomatic games might vary depending on your location and the casino's licensing agreements.

Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits for your gaming activities. Enjoy the convenience of playing Novomatic games on your mobile device while keeping the fun in check.

Tips for playing Novomatic games effectively:

Bankroll management

Bankroll management is crucial for responsible and enjoyable gaming. Set a budget for your gambling activities and stick to it. Determine the amount you're willing to spend and avoid chasing losses. Divide your budget into sessions and avoid overspending in a single gaming session.

Understanding game mechanics:

Before you start playing, take the time to understand the game mechanics of the Novomatic slots you're interested in. Familiarise yourself with the paytable to know the values of each symbol and the potential payouts. Understand how paylines work, as well as any special features like free spins, bonus rounds, and wild symbols.

Utilising pay tables and special features:

Pay attention to the paytable to know the winning combinations and their respective payouts. This information can help you make informed betting decisions. Additionally, take advantage of special features like free spins and bonus rounds. These features can boost your chances of winning and add excitement to the gameplay.

Using bonuses wisely:

Many online casinos offer bonuses and promotions that you can use to play Novomatic games. However, it's important to understand the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses. Pay attention to wagering requirements, game contributions, and other rules. Some bonuses may be better suited for Novomatic games than others, so choose wisely.

Start with demo mode

If you're new to Novomatic games or want to try a new slot, consider starting in demo mode. Most online casinos allow you to play games for free with virtual credits. This gives you the opportunity to understand the gameplay, features, and mechanics before playing with real money.

Choose your bets carefully:

Novomatic games often offer a range of betting options. Choose your bets based on your budget and risk tolerance. While higher bets can lead to bigger payouts, they also come with higher risk. Adjust your bets according to your bankroll to ensure a balanced and sustainable gaming experience.

Play responsibly

Remember that gambling should be an enjoyable form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Set limits on your playing time and spending. If you find yourself chasing losses or gambling more than you can afford, take a break and seek help if needed.

Practise patience

Slot games are based on luck, so practise patience. Winning is not guaranteed in every session. If you're on a losing streak, don't chase losses by increasing your bets. Stick to your budget and enjoy the experience.

By following these tips, you can enhance your experience while playing Novomatic games and make the most of your time and money spent on these casino games.


In the dynamic world of gambling and gaming, choosing the right casino can make all the difference in your experience. Novomatic, a prominent international gambling company with a rich history and a vast array of gaming technologies, offers an exciting journey for enthusiasts and players alike. As you venture into the world of Novomatic casinos, here's a recap of why your choice matters and how you can make the most of it.

So, whether you're captivated by the colourful world of video slots, intrigued by classic casino games, or simply want to experience the thrill of the casino floor, Novomatic casinos have something for everyone. Embrace the excitement, trust in their renowned reputation, and embark on a journey that promises entertainment and enjoyment. Welcome to the world of Novomatic, where the thrill of gaming awaits.

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