Marketing Automation 101: Best Marketing Automation Tools


In the past, marketing automation software or marketing automation tools were only reserve for big and powerful businesses with a vast customer base. In addition, it is an expensive and highly bespoke tool that could only be built in-house.

But over recent years, with the development of technology, automation platforms are more available than ever before and offer unlimited benefits. 

To illustrate as of 2020, around 80% of businesses are now regularly using this tool to enhance their business presence. Nowadays, you could find several marketing automation tools specially designed to meet your unique business needs. 

What is Marketing Automation?

Firstly, marketing automation software is used to simplify and complete repetitive marketing tasks. It is especially designed to raise successful sales leads, personalized, and unique marketing messages. In this case, it saves the marketer’s precious time and efforts. Doing so, it can help in automating various repetitive tasks. It also helps send the right message to the right person and on time. 

Also with good marketing automation software, businesses can now target their customers.By using automated messages across different platforms with the help of different mediums, social, web, and text. In addition the business messages are sent automatically, according to the set of special instructions called workflows. However, the workflow may define by custom-built from scratch and templates to achieve the best results.

How Marketing Automation Works

Consequently, marketers can deploy several strategies through marketing automation in many ways. Here’s how it works:

  • Specifying Criteria

Businesses who prefer to use a marketing automation tool specify specific criteria and the desired outcomes for processes and tasks. Those criteria are interpreted and executed by the efficient marketing software while keeping the quality of leads intact and ultimately delivering data to sales teams.

Leveraging Cookies

Though, using the marketing automation software, you can leverage cookies installed on the website visitor’s web browser. Above all, you can easily track their visitors through the web pages and quickly build scores for the prospect.

  • Using Forms for Contact Information

The purpose of marketing automation is to build highly qualified leads for sales teams based on lead scoring. Above all, marketers can use forms to collect the contact information, which allows qualifying leads. However, based on the data, you can easily set automation and place leads in respective places depending on the original data collected.

  • Allow a Mix of Inbound and Outbound Strategies

Yes, this type of software provides a compelling mix of inbound and outbound strategies. Moreover, this helps marketers better understand which leads are qualified and ready for sales.

Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools

There’re various benefits of marketing automation and how it adds value to your unique business. Moreover, opting for marketing automation is your key to staying in the competition by coping with the customers’ ever-changing demands. It offers great benefits to the small-to-medium business to enhance its customer base. The following are the benefits associated with it.

Time saver

Moreover, with marketing automation, you can now schedule your marketing campaigns and project different posts to varying audience groups.

Enhance productivity:

It is a powerful tool to enhance your productivity. In addition, it can handles repetitive tasks efficiently and allows the team to brainstorm new ideas and strategies.


Firstly, with automation engineering, you can tailor the marketing strategies according to each customer and boost your sales to many folds.

Campaign management across various channels:

It offers you the control to manage all your campaigns across various channels from one platform.


With the unification of all the marketing campaigns under a single platform, you can attain consistency in the tone of voice across various campaigns.

Improved ROI:

Marketing automation lets you be precise about your potential customers and target the marketing efforts accordingly. The better selection induces sales and thus improve ROI.

Marketing automation is all about optimization. As a result, It handles the repetitive tasks, optimizes the overall customer experience, and optimizes the process’s performance and efficiency.

In addition, you can connect with your customers more efficiently. Simply by using the system to handle all your marketing campaigns across various channels.

What Does Marketing Automation Do?

Typically, it is a set of tools specially designed to streamline some of the tedious and time-consuming responsibilities of the sales roles.

It helps you automate the communication system. For this purpose it helps in implementing a digital marketing strategy without any manual help. A good l lets you identify your true audience, design the correct content, and let you automate actions based on customer behavior. However, when the campaign rolls on, one can simply focus on the other tasks and analyze the marketing plan. Lastly, an automated marketing strategy can save you a lot of time and resources, driving more sales to the business.

Best Strategies 

Here’re some best practices to keep in mind while designing a marketing automation strategy:

  • Firstly, Always define your goals, and use accurate numbers to justify the investment in a marketing automation platform. 
  • You may require to collaborate with other teams.
  • You may have to process visualization to prepare for database segmentation.
  • The next step is to prepare the best content strategy and build your content library. 
  • Plan for the launch, and analyze as you go for better results.

Best Marketing Automation Tools

marketing automation tools

Marketing Automation Software Features

It is mostly used in email marketing because of the fantastic features it offers:

  • Tags and custom fields. It gives users a way to segment their contracts and then enable them to communicate with various segments effectively.
  • For example, with emails, site tracking, and forms; you can communicate with your audience through a unique and customized customer journey. 
  • The reporting function helps you collect necessary data. In addition, it allows users to measure the effectiveness of marketing.
  • It let you nurture lead workflow.
  • Pipelines efficiently manage the whole sales process as it allows the team to hand leads to sales effectively.

Must Have Features

Visitor Tracking

Automation tool helps track website visitors, for instance, which page your users went to, and for what time. 

Real-time sales alerts

With the real-time sales alerts, sales reps can easily set parameters on when and how to follow-up with the current leads.

Hosted marketing files

With an automation tool, you can generate tracking URLs, which allows you to track content.

Lead scoring and grading

This can help improve the sales and marketing relationship dynamic. In addition,by aligning scoring and grading on all prospects and customers. Moreover, this allows scoring based on activity level and grades to see how likely they’ll be to buy a product or service

Lead nurturing

Evidently, the best benefit of marketing automation is it lets you deliver the right message to prospects automatically. With the right message conveyed, results in sales. 

Forms and landing pages

Also you can build custom landing pages without any knowledge of HTML. With link marketing assets stored in the systems, it makes the process simple. Moreover, with progressive profiling, you can shorten forms to ensure long forms do not turn visitors off.

Closed-loop reporting

Firstly, marketers can easily calculate the cost involved in individual campaigns at any time. 

In short

So this is everything you may need to know about marketing automation software. We hope this article will help you understand the amazing benefits of using it for your business. Do you have something interesting to share with us? Do let us know!

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