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ExploreBio- Capitale di Rischio

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  • Medico
  • Oncologia
  • Immuno-oncologia
  • Immunologia
  • Fertilità
  • Endocrinologia
  • Terapia genetica
  • Biologia sintetica
  • Microbioma

ExploreBio è una società di investimento specializzata in investimenti di capitale di rischio pre-seed e early-stage.


  • Zarihoun Traore

    Hello, I'm Zarihoun Traore, the founder and driving force behind Cryptostec. With over nine years of experience in the crypto, financial, and payment sectors, I have dedicated my career to understanding and navigating these dynamic industries. My journey has taken me through a variety of roles and projects, from SaaS and Fintech startups to casino brands, each contributing to the depth of knowledge I share with you today.My JourneyI have had the privilege of presenting at prominent events like CryptoFinance and attending numerous key conferences such as Websummit, Paris Blockchain Week, and iFX EXPO. These experiences have been invaluable, allowing me to engage with industry leaders, stay ahead of emerging trends, and bring back insights that shape the content you find on Cryptostec.

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