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As technology is rising and the number of internet users is increasing daily., the risk of cyber-attacks increases. Organizations are in more danger today than ever before. To save personal data and sensitive information, a simple antivirus and firewall is no longer an effective way to protect it. That’s where cybersecurity comes in; it ensures more safety against modern-day cyberattacks.

What is Cybersecurity?

The protection of data and sensitive information from cyberattacks is known as cybersecurity. It can secure the data for organizations, devices, and software. Cyberattacks’ risk is increasing because of the uprising trend and dependency of organizations on computers, the internet, and Bluetooth devices.  The more your programs are linked with wireless networks; the more exposed they are to cyberattacks. Keeping all this in mind, protecting the data against cyberattacks is becoming the priority of several organizations. Companies are already including information risk management to ensure more security.

The risk of hacking and stealing sensitive information from various organizations is increasing with the rise of technology. The following are the top 10 upcoming trends of this cybersecurity:

Automotive Hacking

Automotive hacking is one of the trends this year. Vehicles nowadays have a lot of technological advancement in them. For instance, with software and wireless technology, drivers can connect with their cars to enable features like cruise control, door locks, airbags, and other advanced systems. With wireless and Bluetooth technology necessary for these vehicles, this wireless connectivity also exposes the vehicles to several hacking attacks. Hackers can easily take control of automated vehicles or can gain access to the driver’s location. This will be a significant concern of 2021 and require taking severe measures to ensure automated vehicles’ safety.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

The integrity of Artificial intelligence with cybersecurity has already brought advancement in this field. AI is part of face detection, threat protection, natural language processing, and various other security systems. With artificial intelligence assistance, the administration will be informed immediately when there are new security threats and cyberattack. This will be another huge trend of 2021 in this field.

Mobile: The New Target

The wireless technology that we are using in our mobile phones is becoming more vulnerable to hacking and stealing. The threat of a cyberattack on our mobile phones has increased up to 50%. Our mobile phone’s data, such as photos, contacts, financial information, and location, is under enormous hackers’ threats. We have all in our phones, from banking to personal information like home address, family member’s information, work history, scheduled meetings, hotel reservations. As easy as it is to keep all at our fingertips, it is risky at the same time. One little mistake or bug in our mobile phone device’s software can turn our world upside down. That’s why Smartphone hacking will attract the attention of several organizations this year.

Cloud Vulnerability

Cloud is being used by various organizations nowadays for many purposes. Close monitoring of cloud services is essential for companies as one little ignorance can lead to a huge data loss.  Cloud services provided by companies like Microsoft and Google are well encrypted from the server end, but still, there is a threat of cyberattack from the user end. The user interface of cloud services will be a huge concern for companies in 2021.

Data Breaches

The primary concern for several organizations and individuals is to protect their data in today’s technological world. Data can be breached easily if there is a minor flaw in the software, application, or browser. European Union has offered General Data Protection Regulation for its individuals from 25th May 2018. Also, California initiated the California Consumer Privacy Act for its people from January 2020.  More steps are yet to be taken from various countries and governments to protect the users’ digital data.

IoT with 5G Networks

IoT with 5G networks is an uprising trend of 2021. 5G is set to be launched worldwide, which will bring a new environment of connectivity with IoT. With this technology, there will be a vast communication network between multiple devices, which vulnerabilities these devices to cyberattacks. The cyberattack can happen due to a small loophole in the software.  Google Chrome experienced various flaws, too, even though it is one of the world’s most used browsers. This technology is new. That’s why there is still a lot of research to find flaws and potential security threats. There will be types of cyberattacks that we are not even aware of. Companies have to focus on the new 5G technology and need to overcome all the security risks.

Automation and Integration

Automation became necessary to get more control over the information of a more prominent organization. This automation requires the professional to deliver more efficient results and work quickly. This makes automation a must-need of the present world. Automation is necessary to have more modified software to prevent any compromise on security. Automation of larger and complicated web applications is difficult to guard against potential threats. This will make the automation of software a crucial part to focus on.

Targeted Ransomware

In 2020, ransomware attacks made the world think that this is the area to worry about too. Most developed nations have daily software that they use to run their daily activities. Targeted ransomware is focused on specific individuals or smaller organizations. The ‘Wanna Cry’ attack has corrupted more than 70,000 medical devices. The main objective of these attacks is that the attackers want some money or threaten to make the information of account holders public.

Cyber Warfare

The tensions between western and eastern countries are rising to get superiority over the other. Countries like America and China are always in the headlines even though the attacks are more minor. They have more significant impacts on events like elections, and as more than 70 elections are scheduled this year, there are more possibilities of cyberattacks during these events.

Insider Threats

A data breach can happen mainly because of personal error. If there is any loophole, even a minor flaw in the system, all organizations or nations’ information can be leaked. Companies should spread more awareness among their employees to prevent any direct or indirect data breaches.

Cryptocurrency is the new way of trading, and the rise of digital currency is just the beginning of a new era. With digital currency, digital wallets and exchanges are also introduced, and people are getting more and more attracted to this new way of transaction. This digitalization of the currency has its issues related to cyberattacks. Traditionally bank robbery was an infamous way of stealing money. Now money stealers have shifted their focus on stealing digital currency. The rise in value and popularity of cryptocurrency has increased its mainstream value. In 2018, around $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen, 400% more than the previous year and 56% of this money were stolen from crypto exchanges. Still, there are no proper regulations for cryptocurrencies, and that’s why cyber protection for cryptocurrency is one of the main issues for investors.

Cybersecurity Potential

It is predicted that by 2023, the cybersecurity market around the world will increase to $248.26 billion. To protect computer information systems, hardware, networks, and data from cyberattacks are done through cybersecurity.

What are Common Cybersecurity Measures?

Following are the primary cybersecurity measures:

  • Threat Prevention
  • Threat Detection
  • Incident Response

All the measures, as mentioned above, work on the risk management policies of the computer system. Protecting data can be done by access control and cryptography. Packet filtering and other attacks on the system from inside can be prevented with a hardware firewall. IDS is used to analyze post-attacks and in-progress network attacks.

The working of incident response is based on modifying or updating the firewall from an unknown attack and alerting the system before detecting any potential threat.

If a system is compromised, and there is no detection of the attack source, companies choose to destroy their system to prevent further information loss.

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What Drives Cybersecurity Growth?

Cyberattacks are becoming more imminent threats in today’s increasingly digital world. It is affecting governments, individuals, and organizations equally. Due to these cyberattacks, economics is getting damaged. It is predicted that the total annual global cost of cybercrime will be $6T in the upcoming year. In recent years, it has been noticed that cyberattacks have increased a lot. Nowadays, the intensity and severity of cyberattacks on more prominent companies have improved a lot. Talking about facts and figures of cyberattacks in recent years, the attack on Marriot in 2018 has compromised the personal data of 500 million people. In 2013, the cyberattack on Yahoo had affected all of its users, which were 3 billion at the time. On average, $1.7 million is the cost of cyberattacks these days. Organizations are spending a lot on cybersecurity. Still, it can be seen that cyberattacks are increasing, so this cybersecurity investment from various companies can be the beginning. This means that cybersecurity has a lot of potential to grow in the future.

Investing in CyberSecurity

There are many ways to invest in cybersecurity, but we are going to focus on the following:

CyberSecurity Stocks

You can invest in any cybersecurity sector via stock investment. It means that you can buy shares of a particular company that you think has the potential to grow in the future. In this way, you will be making a profit from the company as the company grows. You can explore all the most relevant cybersecurity stocks via eToro best cybersecurity stocks

Best stock trading platforms

Trading PlatformFeesLeverageReviewPromotionWebsite
1xtb reviewZero commission*
  • Spread from 0.1 pips
Up to 1:500*

Varies per instruments type and client type
  • None Available at this time
2vantagefxZero commission*
  • Spread from 1 pip

Varies per instruments type and client type
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3Admiral Markets Review (2) (1)Zero commission*
  • Spread from 0.7 pips
Up to 1:500*

Varies per instruments type and client type
  • It offers 100% bonus and cash back.
  • *It is not applicable for CySEC clients.
4plus500Zero commission*
  • Spread applies
Up to 1:300*

Varies per instruments type and client type
  • Welcome Bonus* (Only for Australian users)
5LibertexCommission applies
  • Spread from 0 pips
Up to 1:999*

Varies per instruments type and client type
  • It offers 100% bonus and cash back.
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6Skilling-minZero commission*
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Varies per instruments type and client type
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7black bullZero commission*
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8vantagefxZero commission*
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  • 50% Welcome Bonus


Pre- IPO (Initial Public Offering) is investing in a company by  units of stocks. The companies offer this selling of the stocks before the stocks are made public. Because you will be buying huge blocks of stocks, it means more risk is involved in this. That’s why companies offer a discount for the buyers in Pre-IPO placement.

You can Invest through trusted online pre-platforms such as Equitybee, Sharespost, and EquityZen.

Investing in pre IPO companies is risky yet beneficial. If you choose wisely and make the right investment, you can make huge money through pre IPO investment.

Best ETF platforms

Trading PlatformFeesAvailable ETFsReviewLeverageWebsiteMinimum
1Admiral Markets Review (2) (1)*No commissions
  • Spread from 0.7 pips
  • 1:20
  • $1000
2eToro (1)*No commissions
  • Fees for short or leveraged positions.
  • 1:2
  • $200
3xtb review*No commissions
  • Fees for short or leveraged positions.
  • 1:10
  • $500
4Skilling-min*No commissions
  • Spread from 0,03 Pips
  • 1:5
  • $1000

Cybersecurity Copyportfolio – Top Cybersecurity stocks

Copyportfolio is one of the premium services by eToro. This is an advanced version of copy trading. The Cybersecurity Copyportfolio by eToro is specifically designed for investing in cybersecurity. The main aim of this is to reduce the risk and benefit the current market. The Copyportfolio is rebalanced every quarter to adapt to the best investing strategies. Each instrument in Copyportfolio is counted as a single trader, and each trade depends on the percentage of funds you have. It is similar to copying another trader.

The minimum investment starts from $1000, invest in eToro Cybersecurity funds today.

Interested in Cybersecurity Stock Investment?

67% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Market growth

By the end of 2020, eToro “Cybersecurity” yielded a 45% profit. This is a consistent number, when compared to an average 17% gain year return during the 2016-2020 period.

In accordance with analysis, this number is expected to be increased in 2021.


Cybersecurity will be critical to the success of a large number of businesses that capitalize on the next decade’s key investment megatrends. As a result, it is incredibly unlikely that IoT, AI, and 5G stocks will perform well in the absence of cybersecurity stocks. This means that the sector represents an additional opportunity to profit from these trends.

Numerous cloud security stocks are already on track to become multibaggers. As a fast-growing sector of the technology industry, cybersecurity offers investors significant upside potential over the next decade. However, security requirements evolve rapidly, and data breaches and other flaws can cause share prices to fluctuate. When investing in cybersecurity software stocks, it’s critical to maintain a diverse portfolio and keep an eye on the long-term potential these fast-growing companies possess as they help keep the digital world safe.

Investing in this industry can be done in several ways, notably through copyportfolio investment or stock investment.

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