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5G technology is the 5th generation of wireless networks. This technology is said to improve the speed, bandwidth, and accessibility of wireless networks. With 5G networks, the world is one step further into the future.

What is 5G?

5G stands for 5th generation. After 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G, this technology is the latest in wireless networks technology. This technology connects all the devices, machines, and objects virtually. This technology will come with the features of high-speed data transmission, enhanced availability, more network capacity, increased reliability, and better user experience. Because of its high speed and efficiency, it will allow new users to integrate with new industries. With 5G networks, many new industries will emerge.

Understanding 5G Technology

5G technology can be better understood if we have a good idea of the technologies that came before it. The first mobile technology, also known as 1G, was voice-based. This technology allowed users to talk on mobile phones from anywhere around the world. Then came in 2G technology that allowed users to send text messages via mobile devices; this technology is still used in some text messaging services. The next step was 3G technology, which provided the internet for smartphones and made data transfer easier. 4G technology provided impressive data transfer rates, which introduced many connected devices and services that we are using today. The 5G network technology is all about delivering a large amount of data with a much faster speed. This next-generation technology will revolutionize the world and will give rise to many new industries.

Which Technologies Underpin 5G?

One of the leading technologies that make 5G the most advanced mobile networking technology is OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division-Multiplexing). OFDM is used to modulate signals through different devices, which are very useful to prevent interference. OFDM, 5G uses a 5G NR air interface and technologies with wider bandwidth such as sub-6 GHz and mmWave.  

The networking principle of 5G OFDM is similar to 4G LTE. The difference is the new 5G NR air interface which improves OFDM and provides much better results in handling the work. 5G network will be accessible for more people to carry out several different tasks.

By expanding the usage of spectrum resources, 5G will provide wider bandwidth than the 4G network. In the 4G network, the bandwidth used was from sub-3 GHz to 100 GHz and more. As 5G can work with both low bands and mmWave, it will bring high capacity, multi-Gbps, and low latency to the mobile networks.

With 5G technology, there won’t be just a high-speed network than that of 4G networks, but it will also enable several IoT communications and other technologies.

5G explained

Industry Potential

By 2020, the 5G industry is at $5.53 billion, but it is predicted that by 2026 this market will have a market value of $667.90 billion. It means that the CAGR from 2021 to 2026 is 122.3%. Asia-Pacific region is predicted to contribute the most to this industry. It is predicted that by 2026 the Asia-Pacific 5G industry will reach $329.09 billion. 5G industry is said to be the next big thing in the communication industry. It requires proper research in hardware, software, and services to achieve better results. As 5G networks will be the fastest network technology ever, it will provide new opportunities for both individual consumers and organizations. The internationalization of this technology will accelerate the mass adoption of this technology by the autonomous industry. In conclusion, 5G technology will smooth the way many industries make improvements in several sectors and introduce new ones.

5G Impact on the Global Economy

According to a 5G Economy Study, the full economic impact of 5G is likely to be realized around 2035. It is predicted that 5G will bring many new players to the market, and there will be services and goods linked with 5G that will have a worth of up to $13.1 Trillion. The impact of 5G will be far more significant than the previous network technologies. 5G network is expanding the usage of this technology from traditional mobile networks to automated industry. In Beijing, China, it is anticipated that the 5G value chain can alone support jobs up to 22.8 million, and one person in Beijing will be able to have more than one job. Many industries still emerge with 5G technology that we don’t even hear of yet. With time, we will know the real impact of 5G technology on the global economy.

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What Drives 5G Growth?

Previous technologies such as 3G and 4G don’t have enough speed and capacity to support all the interesting upcoming technologies. But that’s not the case with 5G networks, 5G has enough speed and capacity to support not only the current technologies, but it will also provide a window for other industries to introduce exciting new technologies.

With its advanced features and superior speed, the following are the four industries that will drive the 5G growth:

Driverless Cars

Autonomous Vehicles are one of the most interesting applications of 5G technology. To make the driverless cars work without any errors, it will require high-speed data every second, and for efficient results, this data needs to be transmitted with almost zero latency. The most important thing to look for in driverless cars is public safety, requiring uninterrupted connectivity. Real-time data transfer is essential to ensure drivers and public safety. 5G technology will provide the necessary data connection for the proper mechanism of autonomous vehicles. As 5G networks will have low latency compared to 4G networks, it will enable a good communication network between other drivers and other road infrastructure to ensure smooth and safe driving.

With 5G technology, autonomous vehicles will predict road hazards and weather forecasts quicker than other vehicles on the road. For instance, the information from a vehicle that is 100 meters away will be passed just in milliseconds. Not only better working of driverless cars, but 5G technology will also be helpful to reduce the risk of road accidents across the world.

A lot of automobile industries are working day and night to bring driverless cars on the roads. 5G technology can play a vital role in putting this plan of an autonomous vehicle in motion.

Smart Cities Technology

Smart cities technology will also be an essential application of 5G technology. Research from the United Nations showed that by the next 30 years, the population in cities would be increased by 205 billion. By 2050, 70% of the people in the world will be living in urban areas. This is where technology will play its part to deal with social issues in urban areas efficiently. Nowadays, there are already interconnected city devices that provide essential information about a specific area. Cities are trying to adopt more technological solutions to handle usual things like increasing city traffic and waste disposal. The limitation of using such technology is bandwidth. The data collected via various devices and sensors need to be transferred on cloud networks that take a lot of time with existing 4G networks. 5G network will resolve all these issues, it will allow several devices to connect simultaneously, and it will also provide high-speed network transmission.


5G technology is likely to leave an impact on the healthcare industry in various ways. One of the main issues that the healthcare industry is facing is an aging population. As the number of older citizens worldwide is increasing worldwide, health-related issues are also increasing. Getting a consultation from the related doctors is difficult; video consultation is the next thing that people can consider. According to the UK’s National Health Service, online consultations reduce 30 million patient trips to the hospital every year. With 5G networks, these online consultations will be more straightforward, fast, and reliable. This will benefit especially those living in remote areas, as it is difficult for such people to get an appointment from good doctors and reach their clinics. Nowadays, Governments are trying to adopt this strategy that prevention is better than treatment. This can be achieved through wearable devices that monitor the wearer’s heart rate, glucose level, and other things. 5G technologies can help in attaining correct and fast diagnosis with these devices. Not only 5G will help make the existing technologies better, but it will also create opportunities to manufacture more life-saving technologies.


Entertainment is the area that will bring many new developments to come into existence. For instance, the 5G network will improve streaming services on portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Right now, if you want to watch a live football match on our mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV, it will buffer a lot and can be a lot frustrating. This issue will be resolved with 5G and will make the user experience better. Gaming will also improve with 5G technology on our devices as there will be a less lagging and faster interface. 5G is predicted to change the gaming industry so that users can have a better, faster, and exciting gaming experience.

The four industries, as mentioned above, can be the primary driver of 5G technology. These sectors can improve the growth of 5G technology worldwide.

Investing in 5G technology

There are many ways to invest in 5G technology, but we are going to focus on the following:

5G technology Stocks 

You can invest in any 5G technology sector via stock investment. It means that you can buy shares of a particular company that you think has the potential to grow in the future. In this way, you will be making a profit from the company as the company grows. You can explore all the most relevant agriculture tech stocks via eToro best 5G technology stocks

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Pre- IPO (Initial Public Offering) is investing in a company by  units of stocks. The companies offer this selling of the stocks before the stocks are made public. Because you will be buying huge blocks of stocks, it means more risk is involved in this. That’s why companies offer a discount for the buyers in Pre-IPO placement.

You can Invest through trusted online pre-platforms such as Equitybee, Sharespost, and EquityZen.

Investing in pre IPO companies is risky yet beneficial. If you choose wisely and make the right investment, you can make huge money through pre IPO investment.

5G Technology Copyportfolio – Top 5G technology stocks

Copyportfolio is one of the premium services by eToro. This is an advanced version of copy trading. The 5G Revolution Copyportfolio by eToro is specifically designed for investing in 5G technology. The main aim of this is to reduce the risk and benefit the current market. The Copyportfolio is rebalanced every quarter to adapt to the best investing strategies. Each instrument in Copyportfolio is counted as a single trader, and each trade depends on the percentage of funds you have. It is similar to copying another trader.

The minimum investment starts from $2000, invest in eToro 5G technology funds today.

Interested in 5G Stock Investment?

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5G technology market growth

By the end of 2020, eToro “5G technology” yielded a 11.65% profit. This is a consistent number, when compared to an average 7% gain year return during the 2017-2020 period.

In accordance with analysis, this number is expected to be increased in 2021.



5G technology will be critical to the success of a large number of  sectors that capitalize on the next decade’s key investment megatrends. The 5G sector is expected to generate up to USD 3.5 trillion in new economic output and support 22 million jobs by 2035.

5G technology offers investors significant upside potential over the next decade. When investing in 5G technology stocks, it’s critical to maintain a diverse portfolio and keep an eye on the long-term potential these fast-growing companies possess as they help keep the digital world safe.

Investing in this industry can be done in several ways, notably through Copyportfolio investment or stock investment.

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