How to Host a Website: The Complete Website Hosting Guide


When you build a website, you need to make the website visible for the users. The service that provides the platform to make your website visible on the internet is called website hosting. Every website requires a platform where all of its data is stored, accessible to anyone at any time. Web hosting is an essential part of any site.

In the early 90s, the internet was only available for research purposes. There was no trend in websites. But in 1993, when companies started building their websites, they faced a massive problem in hosting it. The hosting procedure was costly and difficult to manage. Then few companies began to provide servers for website owners to post their websites online. This saved a lot of extra time and money for the website owners to publish a website.

Website Hosting: What is it?

Website hosting (Web Hosting) or cloud hosting allows site owners to publish their website on the internet. Services and features to host a website online are provided by the web hosting provider. Website and all its data are stored on the servers. For the users to see your website, they need to type the URL of your website. The internet will make your website visible to the user. Web servers, where the website is stored, will fetch the data and show it on the user’s web browser. The critical thing to host a site is the domain. The owners should have the domain of their site so the hosting services can provide them with web hosting. But, you can also purchase from these web hosting service providers if you don’t have a domain.

What Do You Need to Host a Website?

After building your site, you need to host your website. First of all, you need to buy a domain for your website. A domain is necessary to give your website a proper web address. Hosting services for a site is provided by hosting service providers. You can’t host a website without these components. These hosting service providers offer several offers on different types of hosting. You need to research hosting services. After deciding what kind of hosting service you require for your site, you can now choose a web hosting service provider and start hosting your site.

Types of Cloud Hosting Services

Hosting services are necessary for hosting websites. These hosting services provide different types of hosting. You can choose any of the hosting services according to the need of your site. The factors involved in selecting any of the hosting services are traffic on your site, storage, and uptime of your website. There are four different types of website hosting that the hosting service provider offers you. The types of hosting services are as follows:

1.     Shared Hosting

This type of service is for websites that are just in the beginning phase. In shared hosting, several sites are stored on only one server. Although this is a cost-friendly method, it also has a minimal amount of resources. You can upgrade the hosting when your website starts getting popular.

2.     Cloud Hosting

 In this hosting, several servers are being used to store your website. Cloud Hosting is more flexible than shared hosting. When your website starts getting more traffic than it was getting initially, you can shift to cloud hosting, which will deal with the incoming traffic. One more advantage that you can get from this hosting is that it always has backup servers with your data stored in case one server is down.

3.     Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Going beyond cloud hosting, you can now use Virtual Private Servers. In this hosting, you still share one server with several other sites, but you now own most of the server. It means you are getting more advantages than any other website present on that server.

4.     Dedicated Hosting

This is the best type of hosting service. Though it is expensive in this hosting service, your website is only hosted by one server. It means one server is entirely dedicated to hosting our website. Now you have all the hosting features and resources to yourself, and you can benefit from it.

Choosing the Right Plan to Host a Website

 Before choosing a hosting plan for your website, make sure you know all the hosting service types.

First of all, you need to research about the website service provider. There are many hosting platforms available, but you need to choose the one you think suitable for your website.

Secondly, you need to be honest with yourself and calculate and estimate the amount of traffic you will be getting on your website. Figuring the traffic on your website will make it easier for you to choose the right plan.

Thirdly, you need to understand all the server types of hosting. Analyze the needs of your website and choose the hosting plan for the hosting you need.

Moreover, read all the terms and conditions before choosing a plan. Sometimes people buy the hosting plans without reading terms and conditions, including the limited offer of the hosting services from providers. You should read all the terms and conditions to make sure that your website is online all the time.

Web hosting involves the upload of your data on the servers. It would help if you chose the plan which offers you enough storage for your website. Securing your website from a cyber attack is also necessary. Always choose a secure web hosting platform for your website.  Don’t pay extra money for anything. Keep your budget in mind and choose accordingly. Technical support should also be a factor to notice in case of any technical issues in hosting services.

After you successfully analyzed all the tips mentioned above, choose the hosting plan for your website, and start hosting.

How Much It Cost to Host a Website?

A website hosting cost depends on the hosting service you want to choose. There are several web hosting platforms, and they all have different prices. On average a shared hosting costs between $3-$7 a month; cloud hosting costs between $5-$50 per month; VPS costs between $20-$50, and Dedicated servers costs between $75-$250. The prices of hosting websites can also vary depending on usage and your hosted service provider. The more data is used in hosting your website, the more costly it is. But there are several payments plans from different hosting service providers, which makes the hosting affordable.

How to Host a Website on Your Computer?

It is also possible to host your website on your computer. You need to install some software that can connect you to the internet, and you can install internet files from it. This is called local hosting. This process is often used to test the websites before making them available for the user. If you are using windows, you need WAMP to host your website locally. For Macintosh, the software to use for hosting is MAMP.

Best Web Hosting Services

Putting Your Local Host Server Online

After installing the software necessary to host the website, you need to find your website’s configuration file. You can open this file in any text editor, for example, notepad++. Find the line “Listen 80” and replace the numeric value with your IP address. If you don’t know your IP address, you can look it up on Google. After doing this step, find the line “ServerName localhost: 80” and replace “localhost:80” with your IP address. Now you are online. Your users can find your website by typing your IP address in their browsers. IP addresses are difficult to remember. That’s why the domain name is necessary, which will make the process of accessing your website easier.

How to Get a Domain Name?

The domain name is essential for a website. You can get a domain name from any registered domain name provider. In addition, you need to contact these domain name providers and look for your desired domain. As a result, you can get any domain by paying for it unless any other person does not take it.


Website hosting is the necessary foundation of any website. More over, it can be done through several platforms. Many website hosting service providers provide web hosting. You will need a domain name and a hosting service provider to host a website. To host a website, you should know about hosting services and choose the hosting service from any hosting service provider accordingly. You can also host a website through your computers, but that’s not an efficient way to do it. But, for beginners, local hosting is a good option because it can explain how the hosting process works.

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