How To Create A successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

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A crowdfunding campaign purpose is to raise capital. In other words, to raise the necessary funds. As a result, you raise awareness. Success in a crowdfunding campaign is based on a number of elements that we need to understand before embarking on this challenging path.

Here I will try to review the steps you need to go through on the way to a successful crowdfunding campaign. I will touch on each of them briefly.

Steps To Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Startup campaign ideas

For instance, a good idea is one that takes a step further.

It does not matter if it comes in the form of a book, a show, a video or a modern app. Even if it only makes you a little happy, and even if it only appeals to a particular community. Is your idea worthy of mass funding.

What is your idea? For instant, Is it supposed to interest or benefit someone other than yourself? Does it create change or interest in any field? Is it good enough for people to take their credit card out of their pocket and support you? Most importantly, people contribute to a mass recruitment venture, according if the idea speaks to them and is close to their heart.Write down clearly answers to all of these and move on. First, if you have a problem completing the previous step. for example, you should wait a bit. Next, try to formulate your idea more and only then proceed to the other steps. You do not have to go into great details but the big idea must be formulated from now on!

Funding Campaign community

Community can be explained as a group of people, with a common interest. As a result, it tends to involve subjects that people find interesting.

First, do you have a community at all? How many friends are there in it? Do you have contact information of community members? In fact, the community element needs to be considered before any step you take in preparing for the campaign.

Community is the key to the success of a mass recruitment campaign.

If you have a community, grow it and nurture it. Don’t have a community? Start now first of all to create a community that will support your idea. Today, the simplest and easiest option is to open a Facebook page that will gather fans around it, and will be the platform in which you will tell and update about your venture and in the future also about your recruitment.

Remember! The supportive community is the foundation for any crowdfunding campaign. Make every effort to have as large a community as possible around you. This will help you a lot later in the day and throughout the campaign.

Crowdfunding Campaign Length

First, you choose a date on which you can run the campaign. Equally important, to keep in mind that the preparation phase to execution.It can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Therefore, do not rush to set a date without leaving proper time for preparations. 

Note that you have at least between 30 and 45 days for the campaign itself .Furthermore, ensure that there are no important dates in the middle such as holidays etc. so then most people are busy with preparations and shopping and less will have time to hear about your crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Perks/Rewards

No matter what you call it, make a list of rewards or perks that you can offer as an encouragement to your supporters. In short, a list of potentials and possible ideas. Finally, you should carefully plan the offerings and the content.

It is much easier to persuade people to invest as soon as they receive any perks. Best of all, It does not have to be expensive things. Sometimes it is possible to find ideas that do not necessarily cost money but more time like a consultation meeting with professionals, tours and so on. At the same time, in mass recruitment campaigns for a social enterprise, you can only settle for a letter of thanks or a certificate of appreciation.

How much money should you raise for your crowdfunding?

One of the most important decisions for a crowdfunding campaign is knowing how to properly determine the amount to be raised. Most people tend to opt for high amounts that are unrealistic. Especially, for those who have not experienced in crowdfunding. So if you have a sum in your head, make it realistic.But really if you want to understand and get direction of thought you should go through campaigns more or less similar to your venture. For example, check how much they set a target amount. Try to learn what they did right or wrong to succeed with recruitment and do not be ashamed to pick up the phone and just ask and ask for help. 

How To Make A Crowdfunding campaign?

1. Texts

Initially, you should prepare texts about your startup idea. Equally important, Tell us what makes it special. Why we should support it 

2. Images

Prepage images and illustrations of your venture.

3. Video

Prepare a video for your venture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how much is a video worth? Experts argue that good videos can raise a lot of money. Invest in a video!

4. Public relationship

Do you have someone who does or can do you PR already? Excellent! Now in the preparations phase share that he will enter the campaign preparation phase and plan what he will do to promote it.

5. Social networks

Are you active online? Is your company or idea active online? If so, excellent. You should involve the PR person from the start. Consequently, enabling them to plan the campaign strategy.However, if you don’t have any, you should start right away.

If you are debating, as to what crowdfunding platform you should pick, you can read all about how to pick a crowdsourcing platform.

Crowdfunding Campaign Services

For a crowdfunding campaign to be successful, you should consider some tailored services to spread your campaign.

To have a successful crowdfunding campaign, you need a lot of exposure.

To increase your chances to reach your target, you should reach out to crowdfunding campaign promoter.


Krowdster provides crowdfunding and marketing and PR tools.Most importantly, they have served over 25 k campaigns. Furthermore,they helped to raised over $885 million so far.

The Gadget Flow

The Gadget Flow, offer access to their discovery platform. As a result, readers are able to stay up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns.Due to the nature of the audience, most cases are perfect for listing your crowdfunding campaign.

They have a monthly reach of over 28 million users. In addition, an astonishing 14000 campaign listing so far.


Offers many FREE useful tools for startups to use to promote their campaign.

From press release distribution to referral campaign. Sythub offers a complementary services to your existing crowdfunding campaign strategy.

Other important things to know about Crowdfunding Campaign

Campaign Partners

It is advisable that you set out with other partners-assistants to the idea. A lot of work awaits you and you should already in the first stages share the work with other people. The more assistants you have, the more successful you will be. Never run a crowdfunding campaign alone!


Prepare an expense budget in advance for:

  • Web Advertising, Even the biggest campaigns are using sponsored web advertising. Evaluate this in advance!
  • Translation into foreign languages. If your campaign can be of interest on an international level and you have the way to reach potential supporters, do not miss it, think big about the big world!
  • Sending gifts by mail or couriers.
  • Always prepare for unforeseen expenses

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