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Trading through an online platform like eToro can make your investing business much easier. If you have visited the eToro website, you would have noticed the term eToro popular investor. Popular investors are those investors on eToro who use unique strategies and are successful in their strategies. They have a chance to earn more money if other investors copy them.

The main thing of eToro is their copy trading, but the new investors need to copy from someone for the copy trading. eToro popular investor program is the one feature that makes it easier for the new investors to start copy trading. The experienced and unique investors on eToro are popular investors who benefit the new investors, and there is a lot more benefit for them.

It is not a complicated process to become an eToro popular investor. It doesn’t require you to be a professional trader; you can be an eToro Popular even if you are not a professional investor. It only requires you to be cleverer and more unique in investing. Your investing strategies should be good to become a popular investor on eToro. You need to meet only a few requirements, but these requirements are not so difficult to attain. The minimum amount that you need to deposit in your account should be at least $1000.

Moreover, you need a verified account, and the required information should be completed. Your profile picture should be there, and your bio should give the necessary details that the copy traders will see before copying your strategies. Your risk score should be below 7. You can find your risk score on the stats page of eToro. The risk score is updated daily. Your leverage requirement should also be up to the mark. There are four different tiers of Popular Investor. To reach each tier, you need to meet the requirements. With the upgrade of the tier, you will also be gaining more benefits.

How Do eToro Traders Earn Money?

Now we will see the way of earning money through the eToro Popular Investor program.

eToro pays directly to its popular investors. The brokers also pay money to popular traders, and the payment depends on the tier you belong to. Copy traders don’t pay anything to Popular Traders.

The Cadet tier gets paid $2 per copier. As for the rising star tier, $250 is paid per month. And for the Champion Tier and the Elite Tier, 1.5%-2% and 2%-2.5% of the managed assets are paid per year.

Let’s have a detail of the four tiers:


For this tier, the minimum assets to manage should be at least $200. At least one copy trader should be copying your investing skills. Moreover, if you are in this tier, you need to be on this level for at least two months to get all the benefits. And the payment for this tier depends on the number of copy traders you have which is $2 per copier.

Rising Star

The rising star tier has the minimum assets management requirement is $20,000. At least 10 of the copiers should be copying you. This level requires you to be on this level for at least two months to get all the benefits. The rising Stat tier pays you $250 per month.


This tier requires you to manage the assets of at least $150,000. The number of copies that should be copying you must be at least 10. This level also requires you to be on this level for a minimum of 2 months. The payment for this tier depends on the assets you manage, around 2% of the assets per year.


This tier is the topmost tier for popular investors. You need to be meeting the requirement of managing the assets of at least $500,000. At least ten copiers should be copying your investing skills. This tier also pays you the same as the champion tier.

eToro Popular Investor Program- 🔥The Complete 2021 Guide

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How to Make Yourself Known?

It is not easy to make yourself known as a popular investor. But this can be achieved by having consistency. The first step is to keep your profile updated and post useful information about investing in your feed. This will keep the other users attracted to your profile. You can post-marketing trends and other content that is useful for the new investor. Try posting useful information consistently and avoid violating any rules that will get you banned. You can also link your blogs and other social media content to your Popular Investor profile.

Getting Your First Copier

It is always a good feeling to have when you have your first copier. The only thing that matters is that you don’t cheat the system. It means that you can’t ask any of your family members or friend to copy your profile. To get your first copier, you need to be more responsive, and you need to be active on your profile. This is very important to keep consistency. If you stick with your strategy, the day is not far when you will get your first copier.

Interested in Becoming a Popular Investor?

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eToro Popular Investor program is a very simple and good feature that you can use to earn more money from eToro. The only thing that is needed is your strategy in investing. The Popular Trader program is divided into four tiers, and each tier has its benefits, requirements, and payment. To get your first copier, you just have to be consistent and share more knowledge through your profile to attract more investors.

Join today eToro Popular Investor Program.

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