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We gathered all the most common questions asked about EquityBee for our readers. Unquestionably, equity options, vesting and exercising can be terrifying at first. Yet alone trying to go money to exercise your options.

We covered in this article Equity Options Holders, who are usually Ex-employees. In addition, we also reviewed relevant for investors

EquityBee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EquityBee a legitimate company?

Yes, EquityBee is “legit” in the sense that it is legitimate. It should be noted that it provides an alternative funding opportunity to exercise your options.

How do I get my stock options funded?

In order to get your stock options funded, you will need to go first to, EquityBee Sign up as an employee if you are based in Israel or in the US. Signing up is fast and simple. You will then answer some basic questions about your ,equity stock options.

Can I get funding for my stock options via EquityBee if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes. Equity options holders living in Israel can also use EquityBee. Please note, if you are not based in the in US or Israel, EquityBee might review your request. Bear in mind there are a lot dependency on legal approval and on local laws. If EquityBee is able to get funding , a Customer Success member from EquityBee will reach out to discuss the transaction process.

Does an employee seeking to exercise his equity options pay fees ?

EquityBee proud it self as being a No-upfront Cost Platform for stock options funding seekers . Employee are only paying a fee when they decide to liquidate their stock. The following can happen in the following scenario:
After an IPO, meaning there they are publicly traded.
The company decided to do another round of funding.
Got acquired by another company.
Furthermore, you pay the fee, only upon an upside scenario. An upside to the potential increase in value of your initial exercise price.

Who can invest through the platform?

EquityBee is open to Sophisticated and Accredited Investors from all around the world. Please bear in mind that you might need to provide some additional paperwork to ensure you are qualified investors. You can sign up through,Investor Sign up, if you wish to become an investor.

Can I see what companies I can invest?

EquityBee doesn’t list openly the available startups. Only investors who successfully registered will be able to see on a weekly basis the latest available startup they can invest by helping the employee to acquire his vested options before they expire.

What are the requirements for a private company to be included in EquityBee’s offerings?

Typically, investors community are looking for, Pre-IPO investments in later stage technology companies with a profile of over $25M in VC funding from top quartile firms, Series C or later, with the objective of finding investments that may exit in the next 2-5 years.

Is this crowdfunding?

No. EquityBee provides liquidity to private company shareholders and does not facilitate fundraising for companies.

What’s the minimum investment size?

All new investors on EquityBee are eligible to make their first investment at minimum of $10,000..

Are there investment fees?

First, You(Investor) will be charged a 5% fee plus local VAT for funding the employee stock options through EquityBee. Upon liquidation, you will be charged 5%fee plus local VAT.

Who are requesting funding for the equity options?

Equitybee, requesters are former employees who helped build the company. In addition, early investors and advisors of the company. They are typically requesting to fund their equity stocks so they won’t use their life saving to purchase them.

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