Email Marketing 101: The Ultimate Email Blast Guide

Nowadays, the market is overloaded with hundreds and thousands of amazing email marketing tools and email blast. m

Many companies offer email marketing services. This is not the trend, but the necessity for the businesses now. Are you too interested in email marketing? Do you want to know how it works? Let’s discuss everything about the email blast in detail. 

What’s Email Marketing?

Email marketing or email blast is a marketing strategy in which consumers are targeted with a strong and clear commercial message through email. The purpose is to win customers to drive sales and increasing customers’ loyalty by communicating clear and honest. Although it’s an old marketing strategy, with the advancement in technology, the whole process has changed, and know it works on the three principles:

  • Consent
  • Segmentation 
  • Personalization 

Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the most personalized marketing channels. Especially when it can generate up to literally 30 times the initial investment. 

Importance of Email Marketing 

It has become one of the essential aspects of business growth in the current market. It’s all about influencing and winning loyal customers for your products or services. Email marketing contains a special strong call-to-action message to bring sales to your products. No doubt, this is the best marketing tool to create a strong and loyal community. The main aim of marketing is to create brand awareness among the targeted audience. 

When you communicate directly to the consumers into the email inbox, you have the special opportunity to target them. This is quite impactful than any social media post, where you can never be assured if someone has seen your message or not. 

Email marketing is not all about intimacy, but it’s the best formal way to communicate important messages. Another amazing benefit of email marketing is its power of scalability. 

Email Marketing in 2020

Email is not a new technology; it has been there for years and is considered an effective and intimate communication way. This is all about accessibility; you get an opportunity to reach a wide range of audiences and let you create long-lasting relationships with leads.

According to the stats, around 80% of Americans tend to check their mailboxes at least once per day, and similarly, consumers who buy products through it spend more than 138% than those who don’t receive email offers. So from the figures mentioned above, you can get an idea of how effective mail marketing is for B2B marketing. However, missing this opportunity means missing out on the big sales opportunities. 

Types of Email Marketing

Promotional emails:

These types of emails are sent when required, in line according to your business needs. The best example is newsletters, which present important news about your business or the product. This is the best way to stay ahead. 

The focus of promotional emails blast is on sales and marketing. Typically a promotional email campaign consists of 2-3 emails, which are sent over several days and weeks. These mails are for a special purpose: to promote offers and encourage downloading the white paper. 

Automated emails:

Such type of emails save you a lot of time and help you grow customer relationships. It could be a simple welcome email or a personalized email, based on the existing information. The best thing about automated emails is there’s no need to be physically present to hit the send button. You can schedule the emails and let the automated software do it on your behalf. 

Choosing The Right Email Marketing Solution

Before getting into it strategies, it’s necessary to choose the right marketing solution. 

Here’re various reasons to invest in the best email marketing services. 

  • The best services it allow you to manage the email subscribes and segment them into the email list. 
  • The other benefit is email services offer you top quality ready-made templates and super easy-to-use email editors. You can create a newsletter, just a few clicks away. 
  • You wouldn’t require graphic design or any HTML coding skills. 
  • You’l have access to insights into your campaign. You’ll also see which strong emails were successful and learn more about your target audience.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Now you’re familiar with the different types of emails and the benefits; now it’s time to tackle it essential aspects. 

Collect email addresses legally

Collecting email addresses is a critical task. You need to follow the regulation which protects the personal data and the consumers’ privacy, including the email addresses. 

Segment your mailing list

Segmentation is an important aspect of it. You need to cut down your list and create a small sub-ists of contacts, which has something in common between. There could be various possibilities for segmentation; a few are:

  • Geographic
  • Age
  • Location
  • First-time purchase, etc.
  • Optimize your deliverability

It’s necessary for an email to land to the consumers inbxoes accurately. Optimizing your deliverability signifies that a particular mail has correctly reached the destination. Rather than ending up in the junk box—deliverability depends on two factors: technical and behavioral. 

For example: 

The good or bad quality of your mails significantly influences deliverability. 

However, to ensure the quality, there’re the best practices to follow: 

The first step is to ensure that the subject is spam-free. Yes, this is very important, as you didn’t know what certain key phrases trigger spam. You can google to find out a list of such words to avoid. 

It’s necessary to keep the contact database clean and up to date by removing engaged and unnecessary users and inactive addresses.

For better practice, you can always add an unsubscribe link at the end of your mail. Furthermore, GDPR allows contact to have rights to dictate how the personal information or data is being used.

Best Email Marketing Tools

Moreover, we gathered below a result of hundreds of hours of analysis that I hope will help you select the right email blast services for you

Choose an email design that goes with the brand & audience

Always choose a design that resonates with the idea of your business. The look of your email should communicate a clear message about your company and its value. For example, an excellent email design supports email content by making it fully clear, structured, and readable. 

Save a lot of time with email templates

First, the design is of the utmost importance when it comes to email blast. In addition, design is something that helps you engage consumers. Capture the contacts’ attention with an attractive email design that’s visually appealing. 

With the right email marketing tool, you’ll not require any designer as nowadays, many solutions come with easy-to-use email editors. Hence, choosing the right email template helps you save time, the one you can personalize to match your brand. 

Wrap Up: Email Blast 

So this is all you may need to know about email marketing/ email blast, we hope you now have a better idea of what email marketing is, its benefits, and how it works. We cannot deny the power of email marketing as still for the businesses; it’s one of the best ways to communicate to the consumers personally. The market is full of effective email marketing tools available at the most affordable rates. You can choose the one according to your business needs and requirements. 

In short, It’s time to quick-start your snail-speed business. Let the consumers know about your product or service through effective email marketing. 

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