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Genome editing is a technology that scientists are using to perform genetic changes. Genetic change is used to decrease the inherited disease rates and other physical traits like eye-colour, hair-colour, and other genetic traits. There are several ways to perform changes in DNA. The working of these technologies is how they cut the DNA from a specific spot and then replace, remove, or add that cut part.

In the late 1900s, gene-editing technology was invented for the first time. In 2009, a new genome editing technology was introduced known as CRISPR. This technology has made the process of editing DNA easier. It made the process easier, but it is also simple-to-use, cheaper, and more efficient than the older technologies. CRISPR is being used by most scientists nowadays.

What is CRISPR (Genome Engineering)?

CRISPR technology is a simple yet efficient and effective tool to perform gene editing. Scientists can use this technology to alter and modify the functionality of the gene. This technology can be used to avoid genetic defects and diseases. It is already being used to improve crops.

CRISPR is the short-term for CRISPR-Cas9. CRISPRs are the strands of DNA that are developed synthetically, whereas, Cas9 is a protein enzyme, and it acts as a molecular pair of scissors to cut the strands of DNA.

The natural immune system of single-celled organisms like Bacteria and Archaea is based on CRISPR technology. These organisms build a defence system against viruses and other attacks by using RNA of CRISPR and other Cas proteins, including Cas9. When the viruses or other lethal microbes enter the body, it destroys these unwanted organisms by chopping their DNA. When these components are infused in more multi-cell organisms, they act differently and perform DNA editing.

CRISPR Industry Potential

The CRISPR technology market is predicted to grow from $685.5 Million in 2019 to $1654.2 Million in 2023. It means the Compound Annual Growth Rate will be 24.6%. It is predicted that the application of CRISPR technology will boast the CRISPR technology market in the coming time.


The following are the factors that show the potential of the CRISPR Sector to grow in hospital Medicine:

Infectious Diseases

There are several ways in which infectious diseases are being treated in hospitals. Infectious disease specialists are treating patients with infectious diseases. This means hospitals are generally full of patients with infectious diseases. These diseases can further be put into sub-groups like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. This is the area where CRISPR will come in handy for diagnosing and even treating such cases.


CRISPR technology has improved a lot in defence against viruses. It detects pathogens with a labelled sing-strand RNA or DNA. It provides several readings in a portable format. There are many traditional diagnostic ways involved in CRISPR technology virus detection, such as PCR. PCR is the most suitable and reliable test, specifically for viruses. There are multiple steps involved in PCR tests, and also proper instruments are necessary to carry out the test. On the other hand, PCR tests are performed in a single step with as much less equipment as possible, especially in SARS-CoV-2.

It is the job of a frontline doctor to detect and treat the virus affected the patient correctly. Proper patient care and suitable tests are necessary for the patient and the doctors in terms of medical education. In many places, hospitals are used for proper medical training and education for medical students. That’s why hospitals should be equipped with the latest technologies and should be able to carry out every test. This is important for proper patient care too. In this way, patients will be well treated and properly diagnosed.

Urine and Respiratory samples are used to detect dengue virus and Zika virus by performing a SHERLOCK assay. The results can be achieved in less than two hours. This test can be improved by using a serum sample, and then through this, HIV and HCV viruses can be detected easily.

Other tests are using CRISPR technology to detect viruses like HPV type 16 and 18, which is a tumour of the genitals. This technology can be used more and more to make the results more effective and efficient. A little more work in the medical field can show huge growth in CRISPR technology. It is easy to use and time-efficient and can be used directly to detect viruses in the human body.


Bacteria based pathogens can also be treated and diagnose using CRISPR technology. All the bacteria, whether it is in our body or not, can be detected through this. Potentially it can eliminate and detect bacteria and make our immune system strong against any harmful bacteria. Quan and colleagues performed a next-gen CRISPR-based test name FLASH to leverage the flexibility and modify genes. Many PCR tests can be replaced with this approach as it has shown antibiotic resistance in saliva and serum. There are also some doubts about how CRISPR technology will be used in the future to eradicate the entire population of bacterial pathogens.

In Drug-resistant bacterial infections, CRISPR technology is playing its part. CRISPR technology has been used in treating and diagnosing drug-resistant patients. It is potentially used to treat drug-affected patients. Comparatively, it is more effective than transplanting the lungs. CRISPR technology can be a huge boost for medical care institutes to improve the treatment and diagnostics of bacterial infections and diseases.

Heart Disease

There are many types of heart diseases, and that’s why many tests are used to diagnose heart disease. The idea of treating monogenic cardiovascular disorder has been purposed to treat with CRISPR technology. This is a genetically transferred disease. CRISPR technology can also treat heart diseases like Heritable cardiomyopathy, including dilated cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and Duchenne Muscular dystrophy, vasculopathy including Marfan’s syndrome, and infiltrative disease like amyloidosis. There are some limitations to using this technology that may affect unborn babies not to bear the CRISPR-based treatment. But potentially this will improve, and CRISPR technology will be standardized in this field.

CRISPR technology overtakes the medical care institutes of cardiology as it is easier to implement, and the results are much more effective than traditional ways of treatment. For proper and good medical care of the patients suffering from heart disease, CRISPR technology can play a big part in hospitalists in this regard.

Crispr Video explanation

CRISPR Challenges


Like any new technology, there are many challenges for CRISPR technology too:

Safety Issues

 There are concerns about the safety and viability of this technology. For instance, Wellcome Sanger institute researched in 2018, according to which, CRISPR technology can cause DNA damage and can cause unwanted genetic changes. Because a critical part of the human genetic issue is a concern to use this technology, many scientists purposed that a slow approach should be taken to make this technology available for everyone everywhere rather than just quickly implementing it worldwide.

Ethical Issues

There are also ethical issues that con-inventor Jennifer Doudna presents. It means that with the wrong use of this technology, ‘designer babies’ can be produced, which is ethically very wrong in terms of human norms.

After a Chinese scientist created a designer baby, the Chinese government banned any genetic editing type in the country. That leads to the regulations concern for CRISPR technology as it is not sure if it will be legalized.

Patent Issues

There are also patent issues of CRISPR technology with many biotech companies, which means that it can still doubt its growth rate.

As it can be seen that despite having many strengths and potential for this technology to grow, there are serious concerns that can affect the growth of CRISPR technology.

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How To Invest in Crispr (Genome Engineering)?

There are many ways to invest in Crispr, but we are going to focus on the following:

Crispr Stock Investment

You can invest in any sector of Crispr through stock investment. It means that you can buy shares of a particular company that you think has the potential to grow in the future. In this way, you will be making a profit from the company as the company grows. You will also become a shareholder or partner of the company after you invest in one. You can explore all the most relevant Crispr-Tech stocks via eToro Genome Engineering  stocks breakdown 

Top online stock platforms

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Pre-IPO Crispr

Pre- IPO (Initial Public Offering) is investing in a company by  units of stocks. The companies offer this selling of the stocks before the stocks are made public. Because you will be buying huge blocks of stocks, it means more risk is involved in this. That’s why companies offer a discount for the buyers in Pre-IPO placement.

You can Invest through trusted online pre-platforms such as Equitybee, Sharespost , and EquityZen

Investing in pre IPO companies is risky yet beneficial. If you choose wisely and make the right investment, you can make huge money through pre IPO investment.

Crispr Copyportfolio – Crispr Alternative Investment fund

Interested in CopyPorfolios?

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Copyportfolio is one of the premium services by eToro. This is an advanced version of copy trading. The Crispr Tech Copyportfolio by eToro is specifically designed for investing in gene editing industry. The main aim of this is to reduce the risk and benefit the current market. The Copyportfolio is rebalanced every quarter to adapt to the best investing strategies. Each instrument in Copyportfolio is counted as a single trader, and each trade depends on the percentage of funds you have. It is similar to copying another trader. 

The minimum investment starts from $2000, invest in eToro Gene editing funds today.

Genome Engineering (Crispr)  Returns

By the end of 2020, eToro Crispr Tech copyportfolio generated a gain of  68%. This is an impressive number, when compared to an average gain of 29% between 2017-2020. 

 This number is expected to be increased in 2021 according to analysis.


CISPR technology is used for genome editing, and it has the potential to grow. As it can be used to alter genes, it can cure and diagnose many genetically inherited health issues. Many infectious diseases can be cured and diagnosed with CRISPR technology, and it can prove to be a good implementation in the medical field. It can also potentially replace any PCR test used to diagnose several types of virus infections and bacterial infections. Also, heart disease that is transferred genetically or not can be cured with the help of CRISPR based technology. Despite all this potential, it should be noted that several issues can affect the growth of this technology. However, it is predicted that CRISPR technology will grow by 24.6% by 2023.

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