Bitcoin Cash Fork

Bitcoin Cash Fork

Bitcoin Cash Fork -Bitcoin ABC

Usually, during a fork, especially of such nature, the fork is heavily covered.

I was surprised to found out that there is a plan for a Bitcoin Cash Fork scheduled for the 13th of November.

We have seen a big rally on Bitcoin Cash over the last week, the market cap has more than double and the price moved from $600 to over $1400 today.

What are the reasons for such big rally in such a short term?

  • Segwit X2 being canceled for the time being due the lack of enough consensus
  • People are looking for a ”better bitcoin” at a discount price
  • The Hard Fork on Bitcoin Cash on the 13th of November
  • Over 100000  bitcoin  pending transactions over the weekend (causing a major delayed until the transaction are confirmed by the miners)


The hard fork wasn’t well communicated and most exchanges haven’t made a statement regarding this hard fork.

Please see if your exchange will support it.

For the time being, please trade with caution.

For the full details please go to BitcoinABC




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