What is Beluga Pay?

Beluga Pay (BBI)



According to the World Bank’s financial database, almost two-thirds of the population in countries like Philippians, Colombia, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Peru remain unbanked. The number might have increased since the database was released in the year 2015. To solve the issue, digital payments become available worldwide. However, merchants still prefer dealing with only cash. This is where Beluga comes in. Beluga Pay ( BBI) aims to leverage new technologies to develop an open source asset transferring platform to provide tools for small business and their customers to go digital. The mission is to help millions of unbanked people to become part of the newer, better and fairer global financial system.

Beluga products

Although, BBI mission is to make life easier for merchants and their customers worldwide. In addition, they believe that it is possible to have one solution to manage payment for your customer, personal life, and business. Some of the BBI products include:

Beluga point of Sale

The Beluga point of sale is a robust mobile app that can be used to accept credit, debit, and crypto from small businesses. The app can also be used to manage customers and grow with actionable analytics.

Beluga restaurant Edition

The restaurant addition is a tablet app that helps you manage servers, table, orders and food menu. Comparatively, The app can be streamlined to print out incoming orders for the kitchen. You can manage and grow your restaurant using this app.

Peer 2 peer

This is easy to use a mobile app. The P2P apps initiate transfers with friends and acquaintances. Overall, you can send money via debit, credit, and crypto and deposit the next day earnings to your bank account.

Payment data

The payment data help merchants to purchase data with BBI token and see anonymized spending patterns from other ideal customers.

Beluga Bank Support

Beluga enjoys a Partnership with the biggest domestic bank in Mexico since 2015. With the bank total asset exceed over $70 billion in assets.

Beluga strategy is to target developing countries where the majority have access to smartphones however most of the population still remain unbanked.

The BBI token

BBI Token Holders Benefits

The BBI token is the utility token of the Beluga platform. As a result, the token can be used to buy loyalty rewards, membership, GAS and earning about 0.5% of all transaction fees. The token will be available on major exchanges starting February 2018. It is the native token on the platform

Who is behind the platform?

In short, the Beluga corporate structure starts with the IP. The IP is held in Beluga Inc. in Canada, the Beluga Pay established a Beluga Foundation in other countries like the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. The company operates remotely with other partners and employees in Mexico, Latvia, India, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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