What is Astronaut Capital?

Astronaut Capital (ASTRO)



Astronaut Capital (Astro) is a research-integrated asset management platform that has an aim of changing the crypto investment landscape. Matthew J Dibb, the founder, describes the platform as creation based on the needs of more than 10,000 subscribers at Picolo research. With the fastest growing and innovative markets, people are looking for transparency, due diligence and analysis are the keys to long-term stability and successful investment in the blockchain technology. Astronauts offer its subscribers these benefits and much more.

What makes astronaut better than other crypto platforms?

Transparent ICO investing

Astronaut is a publicly available management service that uses technology and infrastructure is leading blockchain analysis. The platform issue tokens that give investors and speculators the much-needed ability to ear income bonuses quarterly and achieve capital gains.

A research-driven and quantitative approach

Astronauts have its research team that provides coverage and independent analysis of upcoming ICOs and also active ICOs. A portion of deployed capital is accompanied by an in-depth independent research report to advice people on the cons and pros of commitment and investments of capital. The research results are:

  • Dividend and performance distributions
  • Streamlined entry, management, and exit
  • Institutional-grade ICO research
  • Position updates
  • Open auditing.

The research is done by Picolo Research and team under Astronauts.

The ASTRO Token

The Astronauts token is an ERC20 backed token. The token is the gateway to a managed portfolio, which means you can’t access your portfolio minuses the Astronaut tokens. The token helps in managing a portfolio targeting high volume and high demand crypto startups nearing a liquidity event.

Token sale

The Astronauts held its token sale from Septembers 20 2017 until October 25, 2017. However, they are planning to hold an Astronaut Capital offering with the aim of giving verified and research-backed exposure to those seeking investment opportunities and for token holders seeking to stay informed of the latest transaction, research and portfolio value.

What to expect from ASTRO

As the platform continues to grow, they are planning to include some of the best features to help investor fully benefit from the platform. Since it is an end-to-end service focused on profitability and efficiency, some of the things to expect include:

  • Leading research
  • Performance distributions
  • Liquidity focused
  • ICO exposure
  • Portfolio tools
  • Complete management.

The team Behind Astronauts is also crafting a unique and transparent process for investors. The process will have several portfolio tracking tools to make sure token holder is informed of every information they need.

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