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  • No impact on credit rating
  • Exercice Tax calculator
  • Useful resources
  • No Upfront Cost For Employees Exercising Their Options
  • fees varies case by case

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SecFi is a pre-wealth management advisor for private company employees. It is expensive and complicated to figure out what to do with the equity-based compensation hence, it is often neglected and ignored. SecFi makes managing the startup business and equity compensation affordable and easy. The platform has the best technology and is focused to help its users to make better decisions for their equity compensation. SecFi addresses the main concerns of the users and lets them do things they love doing. 

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How do SecFi works:

The working procedure of SecFi is straightforward. Shareholders and employees just apply for financing on the platform. The eligibility for financing depends on each person’s personal and tax conditions. It decides how much financing you can get based on your conditions. Once the agreement is made, SecFi pays the decided amount. The structure of SecFi functions for all the companies. They have made sure that their platform doesn’t disrupt the restrictions of any company. In this way, employees will have the independence to exercise their options wherever they want. In cases, where employees do not want financing, they can still use the platform to check the worth of their options/equity to make better decisions. Moreover, In this way, users can better plan for future taxes and prepare themselves for a company trade sale or potential IPO. 

Furthermore, they enable the investor to invest in pre-IPO companies. Accredited investors and financial companies can invest in pre-IPO companies. In addition, people with vested options, ISOs , Restricted Stocks or Restricted Stock Units (RSU’s) can use the platform.The market place act as an equity crowdfunding made it possible for investors also as long as they fulfill the platform’s requirements and criteria.

Services offered by SecFi:

They provide multiple options to help its clients. It has a team of equity experts and intelligent tools to assist startup employees to understand,  maximize their growth and unlock the worth of their shares and stock options. Following are the services offered by the platform:

Tax and equity intelligence:

SecFi allows its users to calculate their taxes and provide strategies to lessen taxes upon selling. The platform calculates taxes such as NSOs and ISOs and also includes AMT as well as Federal & States Taxes.

It helps calculating taxes in the following steps:

  • Discover:

The simple equity assessment of SecFi will tell you the situation of your equity within minutes.

  • Drill down:

It helps users to understand the costs of their options exercise with the tax calculator available on the platform. 

  • Analyze 

You can predict your financial exit and determine how much taxes you can save by applying smart strategies. 

  • Plan:

Make a conversation with the team members of SecFi to plan your strategy for reducing applicable taxes on your equities. 

Options exercising financing:

  • SecFi provides finance to exercise stock options. It has 2 benefits:It lets you earn 26% more via IPO tax savings. You will be taxed for the money you make in IPO and exit. If you exercise stock options a year upfront, you can decrease that tax to the lower lasting rates of capital gains. 
  • You can prevent costs of exploding exercise and keep your equity. Over time, exercising stock options gets more costly but you have to exercise them at most startups if you leave, or else you can lose them. Early exercising avoids getting stuck later. 

SecFi offers to finance your stocks options for exercising in the following steps:

  • The company pays you the money you want within 48 hours
  • You will exercise stock options and pay applicable taxes
  • The company will wait till the exit and doesn’t demand monthly interest
  • If you get a successful exit, you will pay back the company the financing amount
  • If your equity turns out valueless, you don’t need to pay back to SecFi. It will take your loss.
SECFI  options

Shareholder financing:

You can get liquidity without selling your shares. It offers you the financing to achieve your goals of either buying a dream house or expanding a concentrated stock position. The benefits of using this offer with SecFi are 

  • You can benefit even if your stock rises
  • Diversity in investing in other opportunities
  • Keep the benefits of owning some equity of a startup

Simple steps of getting this offer are:

  1. Apply for the finance within minutes and check how much money you can get
  2. Spend the money for your desired purpose
  3. Wait and watch for your shares to grow potentially, you can keep track of them by using the company app
  4. If your company goes public and gets liquified, you pay back the financing amount to the platform. 
  5. Enjoy the additional liquidity 

Types of investments:

There are three types of investments SecFi offers:

Structured financing:

In this type, SecFi provides investment products with the debt-like features that target equity-like returns. 

Debt financing:

It offers products that carry interest linked to private markets along with other high-quality assets. 

 Direct equity investment:

In this investment type, SecFi source deals directly from shareholders and employees through its tech-enabled network.

What do you get when investing with SecFi?

By investing with SecFi, you will get exposure to a unique portfolio. That means you will experience something innovative with this platform. It is a leading financial partner of startup employees and shareholders of large private companies. You will experience an exceptional portfolio with SecFi that you can never find with other platforms. 

Is SecFi legit?

SecFi has a security form CRS, that can be available online . They are a broker-dealer registered with U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and is also a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). SecFi Securities is an owned subsidiary of SecFi, Inc. (parent). It manages and operates the platform of SecFi. The investment advisory and brokerage services and fees differ, you need to understand these differences. Simple and free tools are available to research financial professionals and firms at This website also provides information about investment advisers, investing, and broker-dealers.

How does SecFi make money?

The platform earns or makes money when a client returns the financing amount with a fee (depends on the equity type of customer). The fee is based on how much your equity is worth at the exit. Therefore, if the IPO is successful, it would be better for SecFi. The platform is investing effectively alongside you. 

Secfi Competitors

Equitybee: Employees Stock Options Platform
Sharespost: Pre-IPO Market Place
EquityZen: Employee Shares Market Place
Fundnel: Asia Largest Investment Platform

Final thoughts:

The ultimate goal of SecFi is to become a financial advisor of shareholders and employees before they become wealthy and get bombarded by several old-school financial advisors. SecFi aims to help startup businesses to grow and make better trade decisions. It also tells them to use strategies to reduce taxes and earn more.

You will not find any other platform with the features that SecFi offers so investing with SecFi will be a valuable investment.

SecFi: Interactive Interface
User Friendly
Transparent Charges
Customer Support
3.8 Overall Rating

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