Fundnel Review- Crowdfunding Platform

Fundnel Review- Crowdfunding Platform

  • Immediate access to the network of almost 7,000 individuals and investors
  • Digitalised paperwork
  • Escrow services for secure fund transfer
  • Deep insights and proprietary data to support the structure and terms of your deal
  • Access to expert feedback and data for no additional cost
  • Difficult selection process
  • Only for accreditor investors

Fundnel is one of Asia’s largest investment platform having headquarter in Singapore and has its branches in 5 Asian countries. It provides unlisted securities in growth and gives access to pre-IPO startups where you can make investments. As a result, it powers private capital markets for entrepreneurs and investors. Altogether, It is 2nd most popular crowdfunding platform in Singapore that provides opportunities for equity investment in startups. Moreover, it also caters to large startups through its selection process and the contract size. It also offers convertible bonds, revenue sharing, and corporate bonds in startups. Additionally it was considered as best fin-tech company in Sirilanka in 2016.

Fundnel overview

It has a stringent selection process for companies, and it offers its services for both individual and institutional investments. All in all, It has diverse investment opportunities for early or late-stage startups. On average, only 10% applicants got offers of fundnel, and only 3% will be able to invest due to their selection criteria. It is a big market with transactions of:

Fundnel overview

Fundnel explained

What is an accredited investor?

An accredited investor is one, whether an individual or a company, who fulfills the agency requirements to invest in private companies. The criteria set for fundnel is very high for being able to do trade across companies.

Fundnel for investors

Firstly, you need to make an account on the platform and prove yourself as an accredited investor by fulfilling their requirements. After successfully signing up, you can access all available private companies from where you can buy shares and make investments. 

Upon showing interest in any deal, you may request to get access to the deal data room for the deal’s documentation process. fundnel’s team members will collaborate with you to validate your interest. You may also get more information and data structure about the agreement by contacting the fundraising company’s management team. 

If the deal gets signed, the fundnel team will help you with the settlement process, which may vary based on the agreement. 

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How Fundnel works for shareholders?

If you are a fundraiser or shareholder who wants to sell their shares, fundnel can help you in this:

  • It will speed up and simplify the trading process by giving access to potential buyers
  • Helps you in accessing almost 11000+ global investors
  • Will secure your shares from any theft by adequately assessing the deals, digitally filling out the documents, and further processing the transaction

How Fundnel works for companies?

To emphasise, on an institution level, the crowdfunding platform first assess your assets and has $12 million as a corporation. Then, you can qualify as a Fundnel investor. In addition, you can even design a liquidity program that will let your shareholders know their shares’ exact value. The platform, will find the potential buyers for your company.

 As a result, If you invest in a company, Fundnel will access the organization’s insights to make a better deal for buying and selling shares.

Types of investments Fundnel offers.

There are four types of investment you can do with fundnel


You can make money by selling shares from your company to investors. The benefits of availing this type:

  • No time frame to return the desired amount
  • No interest rates

Convertible bonds:

This type of investment offers the holder to convert bonds into shares or cash of equal value. The benefits of using it:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Structure flexibility 
  • Able to price shares at a premium

Bond/ debt structure:

In this type, an investor loan cash to the business borrowing funds for a specific period at different price ranges. Benefits of using it:

  • No dilution of shareholding
  • Clear payment schedule

Revenue sharing:

This is a method through which business owners can share their revenue with investors. Benefits of using it:

  • No dilutions of shareholdings
  • The payment schedule is flexible

What do you get when investing with Fundnel?

Moreover, it is the largest platform in Asia for pre-IPO private companies investment. With this platform, you get additional perks you can never expect from other similar platforms. The platform offers the following goodies:


It gives access to exclusive investment opportunities in private companies and funds. You will get experience with the platform for investment.

Raise capital:

Fundnel makes way for early investors and their employees to sell their shares. They work with shareholders across different companies to value their shares and find potential buyers to raise money.

Monetize shares:

Fundnel lets you even monetize your shares to gain unprecedented liquidity in the market.

Pricing and fees:

Fundnel charges, according to a deal and amount of transaction. Moreover, on average it costs, a low 5% fee for every deal. For a fundraising deal, they charge a 2 % fee from total funds raised out of your contract. According to your agreements and requirements, they can also charge a monthly fee also. 

Is fundnel legit?

If you want diversity among the private companies, colossal growth, reliable experience, and different investment types, the fundnel is a suitable platform for you. You can put your trust in fundnel for buying and selling shares. 

Fundnel legit

How does Fundnel make money?

Fundnel makes money through a commission from your every deal and management fee from both the buyer and seller. 

Regulatory framework and due diligence expectations

Fundnel has strict regulations and selection process. An individual must have a net asset of $2 million to be an accredited buyer of fundnel. 

You first need to make an account and submit an application for every deal you sign. The team members will then process your application and make your deal possible.

The minimum investment size for fundnel ranges from $50000 to $100000. So this platform is not meant for low-scale dealings.

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This fundnel review covered how the platform benefits you when you use it and all you want to know about it. In short, If you want high security, a social support system, different investment methods, and a flexible structure, the fundnel should be your priority. You can also checkout our review on Equitybee Stock Option platform.

Fundnel: Asia Largest Investment Platform
User Friendly
Transparent Charges
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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