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  • Free expert consultation
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  • Support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and French
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      People with passion need no boundaries to excel in their interests. provides a solution to break the barriers and helping founders from across the world to launch a US-based company. It encourages entrepreneurs to incorporate in the United States and get access to benefits such as venture capital, greatest startup ecosystems, smooth payment processing, and many others.

      The online module of is efficient to take all the necessary details in just five minutes for helping you to start a business in the US. US company formation is a difficult process especially for non-native American individuals as it comes with the hustle of accepting online payment, signing contracts with US customers, raising capital, trust-building with clients, and starting US operations. is the most suitable way to launch a US-based business from around the globe.

      The perk of incorporating in the US is giving you access to exceptional payment providers, tax benefits, startup tools, banking, US-based clients, and accelerators. Moreover, clients from the US feel more convenient to buy products from the registered American companies.

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      US company formation Process

      Choose a company structure:

      An international tax advisor Schwartz and lawyer Richard Hartnig says that most foreign nationals, select to develop a C Corporation, that is more attractive to non-native American investors as it can expand by providing unlimited stock, even though the gains by C corporation are typically taxed twice, at a corporate level and dividends to shareholders.

      The advantages for corporate shareholders are quite clear. They qualify for less dividend rate and as the US Company doesn’t hold real estate, the shareholders wouldn’t pay capital profits whenever he sells the US affiliate. C Corporation is also best for individual owners since this structure will protect them from I.R.S. scrutiny. 

      Of course, owners of the c corporation pay more for a shield in a form of double taxation. But in many cases, this double taxation can be eliminated to much extent, if tax planners use their wages, pension costs, and other costs to lessen corporate income. 

      In some certain cases, a limited partnership is considered as best business structure depending on one’s native tax laws. In a limited partnership, the members having no management control get limited liability, and gains are passed to only those members who pay their income tax on an individual tax return.

      Select a State to Register Your Company:

      Select a state, where you want to locate your company is a crucial step. If a state dominates in its market, then it is better to incorporate there. You cannot avoid the obligations of doing business in one state. Wyoming and Delaware are two famous low-burden states to start a business. If your business is not concentrated in any specific state, then you will be advised to do business in Delaware Corporation and then Wyoming. 

      This is because of the fact that Delaware has flexible laws that provide generous protection to directors and shareholders and also because of its friendly rules. It doesn’t require a bank account, a person’s physical address and its website are available in 10 different languages. The other reason for its popularity is that tax advisors are so happy with Delaware rules and regulations that they haven’t even bothered to know about the requirements of other suitable states.  

      Get an Employer Identification Number

      To hire workers, it is necessary to have an employer identification number. Additionally, it is also essential to open a bank account, get a business license, and pay taxes. You can directly apply for EIN through IRS free of charge instead of getting any online service that may charge you for this purpose. But unless the principal officer of the US Company (who is known as the responsible party) has already obtained any taxpayer identification number from the company, you cannot apply online. So EIN must be applied by fax or mail, and write “foreign/none” under the section of the taxpayer identification number. 

      How does it work?

      By simply clicking on the getting started, you can initiate your USA company formation. Firstbase just takes 5 minutes to get all the information crucial to establish a company. 

      Below are some steps you will see in the process of US company formation at

      Company type: 

      First of all, you would have to select a company type you want to make. You can either choose LLC or C Corporation type according to your choice. 

      States selection:

      After selecting a company type, you further need to select a state where you want to establish your business. There are two options available: Delaware and Wyoming.  

      New Company information

      At this stage, you will need to provide the mandatory details about your new company such as describe the objective, company name, industry, etc.

      Founder Personal Information: 

      At the last step, you will be asked to provide your personal information like your Name, Email address your occupation, etc. 

      After you complete all the steps in Firstbase’s online portal, the paperwork will be started in no time. Normally, it takes 15 working days to complete the whole process. If you live in the United States, the process will be completed in 2-4 days. The agency keeps you updated by communicating with you or by sending you emails till the whole process is done to avoid any delay. 

      Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the US company registration process may be delayed by some time. Moreover, they also grant exclusive offers worth $20k from blue-chip companies like Brex, G Suite, AWS, Gusto, and more to every new company formed through their agency. The charges to get access to the network of Firstbase is included in your fee.  

      Firstbase Features:

      Firstbase offers some incredible features that you will not be able to find from other services.

      Below are some features offered by the FirstBase

      A US company formation (LLC or C Corporation)

      Firstbase provides you the facility of building a company in the US even if you are not a resident of America. They offer company building in two states: Delaware and Wyoming. Select the one that is good for you. The agency will also cover state filing fees. 

      US EIN (tax ID):

      EIN is essential for the newly formed company to open a bank account and complete its federal filings. acts as a third party to provide EIN service to its clients. It is also not necessary to be a USA resident for this purpose. No ITIN and SSN are required. 

      US business bank account:

      It is part of the package to open a business bank account for its clients. Their primary linked bank is Mercury. 

      Once the agency gets your EIN, it will automatically open your bank account. Mercury offers a $500 reward for customers if they spend some money with their debit card.

      Post-incorporation documents:

      Firstbase will make you some legal documents after your incorporation. These documents will contain all the necessary information about the operations, company owners, and other crucial details about your company. All the documents will be made on standard terms that are used by top startups. 

      Registered agents:

      According to US business laws, the registered agent is an individual or company allotted to accept official government notices. First base works with well-reputed registered agents who are based in Wyoming and Delaware to provide you best experience. 

      Firstbase will connect you with attorneys and expert CPAs to help you set up the right frame and avoid expensive mistakes. You can get a free consultation from experts on immigration, taxes, and more. 

      US address setup:

      The agency will help you to get a virtual address for both Delaware and Wyoming companies.

      For Wyoming companies, the address will be arranged by the registered agent for free. The charges are already included in the package.

      For Delaware companies, It will be arranged by any of the partners of the agency. They will cover the 1st month and after that, you will be charged $6.99/month and more. It depends on the address you choose.

      More than $20k in exclusive reward:

      It provides special offers and rewards from technology companies, service providers, and tools to help the founders and new businesses. 

      Firstbase fee:

      Firstbase charges a one-time fee of $399, and with this amount, they cover everything such as Incorporation, EIN obtainment, US address setup, business bank account, preparing legal documents, expert consultation, registered agent fees, life-time 24/7 support, and $20k in startup rewards. There is no hidden fee and all the expenses are built in the pricing.  If you are eager to start ,use our link and get discount on their fee when you apply the following coupon code ”CRYPTOSTEC5” at the checkout.


      If you want to establish a business in the US, firstbase should be your top pick as it offers excellent service by providing everything you will need to make a company such as a business bank account, virtual address EIN and others. It lets you establish a company in the states where the companies lead the market. The way the agency takes all the responsibilities on its shoulders is incredible. They provide proper protection of the resources and keep everything crystal clear and make your legal documents so you can have written proof of your entity.  

      This review is a well-researched piece of information that you need before incorporating with the agency. If you have any queries about this agency you can ask them directly, their customer support is exceptional. FAQ

      Do I need to visit the US?

      No, you do not need to go to the United States to incorporate with Firstbase. They take care of everything remotely. You can set up a company from the comfort of home.

      What so unique about Firstbase?

      As compared to rival providers, cares about all things — business preparation, bank accounts, free tax consultations, etc.Firstbase supports six languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, and Arabic.

      Does open a business bank account for the new company?

      Yes. customers have a free FDIC insured corporate bank account. Mercury Bank, we will help customers to easily set up a US business bank account.
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