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EarniFi is a handy useful technology that compiles all reported airdrops and POAP tokens into one convenient location. You can go to EarniFi and enter your wallet address to see if you are qualified for any airdrop prizes that you may have missed.

DeFi Dawson, an Ethereum developer, and YouTube content creator, founded Earnifi. Recently it was an on-stage competitor at ETHglobal, with a judge claiming $5,000 or more in the airdrops in both judging rounds. Uniswap, 1inch, Badger, Mirror Protocol,  StakeDAO, and other famous DeFi projects have all used this technology to some extent in recent year. Many wallet owners, without a doubt, are ignorant of the incentives that may be lying dormant in their accounts, waiting to be collected.


How do you use EarniFi?

Earnifi is simple to use. Earnifi searches for 1364 assets that you can claim. Here's what you should do:

  • Type into your browser to access the website.
  • Locate an EVM-compatible address (like BSC or Ethereum address)
  • Fill in the address manually in the empty space on the front page, and EarniFi will take care of the rest!
  • Check to see if you're qualified for any airdrops and take advantage of them!

What is a crypto airdrop, and how does it work?

It's helpful to first comprehend airdrops to understand what earnifi is doing. Crypto airdrops are a type of marketing strategy used by cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

Airdrops come from on-chain activities like using a DEX, holding an NFT, or contributing to a community by doing work for them.

What methods does Earnifi use to find airdrops?

Earnifi's solution is to automatically find airdrops by syncing with your ethereum or BSC address, as well as manually by using one of their sources. EarniFi's databases are regularly updated every hour and contain a lot of information on coins, teams and whitepapers. Currently,  EarniFi has over 400 assets listed.

Most of the airdrops have a deadline after which you will no longer be eligible.

EarniFi overcomes this problem by revealing which airdrops your addresses are eligible for before it gets too late!

Earnifi pricing

Earnifi offers basic and premium pricing plans. Basic is free of cost and offers limited benefits 

Basic plan:

It gives you basic airdrops and Poap notifications and currently there are some airdrops available. You will get email alerts for basic airdrops .

Premium plan:

It  will charge you 21USD per month. In this, you get notification for both basic and premium airdrops. You could see an airdrop with a sign “?” if you're a free user. This is a genuine airdrop that you can claim right now!

To see the “?” you must upgrade to a premium subscription. You gain several more features as a premium subscriber, including the ability to watch up to 10 Ethereum addresses! Because different addresses are typically eligible for different airdrops, this dramatically increases your chances of collecting more and better airdrops. You'll also have access to additional premium airdrops which aren't available in the free version. You can also auto claim new Poap which is a cool feature. It also gives you its own elite Poap if you stay for more than 3 months.


What blockchain does Earnifi support?

Earnifi searches multiple chains for the airdrops as well as other assets like as NFTs. Here’s a list of supported coins

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • Binance smart chain
  • Avalanche
  • XDai
  • Immutablex


EarniFi provides a convenient and time-saving method of discovering airdrops that you would not have known about if you hadn't used their service. With the massive amount of information that crypto fans must deal with on a daily basis, earnify may be a very useful tool, saving you effort and resources while also exposing you to airdrop opportunities that you would not have known about otherwise.

4.8 rating
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