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      Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page.This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. is a one-stop, trouble-free method to find, execute and get government R&D tax credits for your UK business. 

      You may be able to claim Corporation Tax relief if your business project meets the UK definition of Research and Development ( R&D).

      Check our detailed review of for US businesses looking to claim Tax credit. identifies current and potential future tax advantages and benefits for your business or company. As a result, they ensure companies get the most credit worth, don’t waste time or money on credits that don’t directly help you. In addition, they’ve developed a quick and effortless way to allow their UK. businesses and entrepreneurs to find out if they’re qualified for a grant or credit tax. Helping businesses appreciate all the options available to them. They achieve this by receiving a tax credit or searching for other government benefits that might boost the bottom line, helping you to spend in what’s next. 

      Furthermore, businesses earn tax credits from the UK government to invest back in their businesses. As a result, it helps make more sound decisions, or help minority or marginalised business owners.

      Tax credits

      To begin with, It is a government tax incentive to promote research and development ( R&D).Some people might associate innovation. Bear in mind that ‘innovation’ can be in any sector, from construction to research. In short, innovation is actually about improving and expanding your company.

      The concept is that businesses need to innovate to expand, and that’s good for both business and economy. 

      Moreover, to benefit from this opportunity, you need additional details in your company’s tax return, a summary of R&D spending information, and a written technical report. 

      Such paperwork at first glance, at night, seems complicated. has created a seamless platform that makes the process easier for you.

      Tax incentives

      Claimer Business Tax incentives and tax credits 

      Your business has a number of sector-specific tax incentives and benefits, such as R&D tax benefits. For example, if a company manufactures new products, creates opportunities, retrains employees or invests in other companies, you may be liable for attractive tax incentives that can provide significant savings. The platform will identify, qualify and provide any incentive and benefit to the company.

      Contractor Cost R&D Tax Credit 

      To point out, contractor costs are the second largest part of the R&D claims. Two types of contractors are eligible for R&D relief. Subcontractors and outsourced staff are the two main groups. Subcontractors have various specific requirements that apply to R&D operations. Outside jobs have to be closely monitored and incorporated into your company. They don’t count if your company bills are charged by an outside employee as an individual.

      Staff Cost R&D Tax credit

      Normally, salary costs are the largest part of the R&D claims. Your payroll program should be able to evaluate this. Find out for the staff member the proportion of time spent on direct and indirect R&D tasks. You can not claim dividend costs for an R&D claim. But make sure that you take this into account when determining how to pay the founders. Under the scheme, you can claim up to 33% of the costs associated with your company’s innovative activities. 

      Platform can help your business claim your eligible tax credit.

      How work? how it work

      IIt takes 5 minutes to get on board, and you’re free to see how much you’re going to qualify for. Once you’re in, they’ll take all the data you need from your payroll system and do all the paperwork you need when it’s time to file. They’re going to  charge only after they locate and get you back the credits you owe. According to the most recent figures, the average argument in London is over £80,000 (and the rest of the UK over £50,000). fee of 5% or less of your tax credit. If you’re based in London ordinarily over £80,000 If you’re eager to get started, please use our link to get a discount on their finder’s fees. With 100% success rate, it really make the process simple.


      In short, is an easy-to-use R&D platform claims maker. It helps you to produce the necessary paperwork for a fraction of the cost of traditional consultants.

      They financed and counted hundreds of start-ups and companies. offered a clear, paperless electronic incentive system. The platform is truly a solution for entrepreneurs and small businessmen. It doesn’t matter if you have little resources , knowledge, or time to claim government benefits. It provides the company with the most tax benefits and incentives. They’re just paid when you’re paid for it. By using our sign up link, you can get a 10% discount on your tax credit with them.

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