Learn from Fiverr is an excellent operational platform that was released in late 2018. Fiverr Learn offers accessibility and a variety of courses to individuals all over the globe

  • Great For Beginners
  • Very clear
  • 30 days money guarantee
  • Currently only available in English
  • Limited courses selection
  • No direct access to the instructor

Fiverr Learn Review

Learn from Fiverr allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups the opportunity to build their marketing and creative skills. It offers a complete entrepreneur starter kit and entrepreneur guide to help them build, run and scale their businesses. All of the courses available target specific skills that can be then transformed into abilities being offered on the Fiverr marketplace. The difference lies in who posts courses. All of Fiverr Learns instructors have been vetted very carefully to ensure the utmost quality. Most important, only a select group of teachers at the top of their fields have been chosen to share their expertise with the rest of the world.

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Some of the most well-known instructors are Jon Youshaei, a marketing manager at YouTube. In addition, Aaron Nace, a YouTube Photoshop educator. As well as Keith Harris, a Fiverr freelancer turned educator with over 600 5-star reviews, and many more.

Types of courses offered

First, Fiverr tends to provide more dynamic courses. Beside, all of the courses offered by Fiverr are focused on building an individual’s creative, innovative, and digital skills. Available courses include Design and Branding, Web and SEO, Storytelling and voice over, and much more! Once you have completed a course on “Learn from Fiverr”, you earn a little badge on your profile. Individuals are free to do as many related or separate courses as they please. This will allow them to win more jobs in this competitive marketplace.

Entrepreneur Guides: Digital Marketing Courses

Learn from Fiverr offers up to 11 different kinds of online courses. Fiverr learn includes two programs that consist of two or three additional courses. For those who wish to receive an online certificate in place of their badge, they can request one easily.

These marketing courses tend to cover main social media platforms and topics such as:

  • Instagram Ads
  • Content strategies for Blogs
  • SEO and it uses
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Analytics

Entrepreneur Starter Kits: Creative Online Courses

Learn from Fiverr provides customers with over 15 different creative courses to increase their skills at a discounted price. Building your creative skills relates to being able to successfully operate different design software’s. The programs you will be learning are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Storytelling and Voice Over
  • Illustration
  • Forming Brand Strategies

How much does it cost?

With no hidden fees and extra charges, Learn from Fiverr has a very accessible and simple method set up for individuals. Simply create a standard account and pay with either your credit card or PayPal. Fiverr is especially known for its low prices, that begin from just $5. Fiverr also offers different coupons and discounts to bring down course costs. Receive exactly what you have paid for, no extra charges and upsells. Enjoy an unproblematic learning experience!

Fiverr also offers a refund policy for those who have bought a course but have been unable to finish it in 30 days. Contact their responsive and friendly customer support and your refund will be processed within 10-15 days.


Although it is an excellent platform that allows individuals to achieve exposure for jobs while gaining their skills it is limited when offering learning service. Interaction between instructors and students is often limited. Students often find it more helpful when they can interact with each other. This leads them to ask their instructors for additional help. If they develop a chat room for their classrooms that will greatly aid in this communication gap.

Some lectures are inaudible and recording in poorer quality than the rest. This can occur for multiple reasons but proper vetting and checking needs to be conducted. This is done to ensure students receive the best services for the money that they offered.

Although they are commended for keeping their course brief this can make individuals feel like they are lacking core concepts. These courses can be convenient for individuals who don’t have a lot of free time but lack the efficient content to qualify a person for providing services.


We have to discuss the benefits of this easy to navigate platform as well. Personally, the software was very accessible and you can clearly see the sections that have been completed. Most of our instructors for different courses were very knowledgeable and had a vast amount of experience in their particular field.

Each section is well ballance. The topics available sare easy to process. It was easy to stay motivated along the way because of the flexible scheduling. Short videos were a blessing because no one can focus for over an hour with over 23 videos being available.

Fiverr have experienced instructors and professionals that can offer real-life examples and advice. For entrepreneurs, this platform provides a complete entrepreneur starter kit and entrepreneur guide with expertise from individuals all across the globe.

Better than expensive and limiting university courses which definitely cost more and require more time. Receive accurate and knowledgeable information through professionals with Fiverr learn.


Learn from Fiverr is definitely the first of its kind that offers courses for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. It is commendable for Fiverr to take such initiative. They provide comprehensive entrepreneur guides and entrepreneur starter kits to help businesses maximize their potential. Fiverr is constantly advancing and upgrading their services. As time goes on Fiverr is determined to serve a plethora of different individuals matching their needs and requirements. Allowing individuals to showcase their new skills on their marketplace platform opens doors for individuals to seek more employment opportunities.

Hence, Learn the basics of design, digital marketing, and freelancing at Fiverr Learn. Best of all, you can build your skills and knowledge. Whether you are a college student preparing for graduate school or an entrepreneur seeking more information about this industry.

With no extra charges, costs, and hidden fees. Moreover, you can sign on Fiverr learn and gain access to different dynamic courses. As a result, you can aid in building a more successful career and future. Gain experience and begin your journey by targeting your own niche through Fiverr Learn.

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