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Hi Lo is a fast-paced bet game where the players can guess which of the cards will be following that is higher or lower than the current one. Spribe ‘s version of this basic yet popular game adds an aspect of entertainment, such as playing three cards in place of just one.

The player first determines the following action by choosing the “high or the same” and “low or the same” buttons. After that, he needs to select one of three cards and guess correctly. If the answer is correct, the game continues, and winnings increase. Players can cash out their winnings after every right guess and cash out the winnings.


Mini-games from Spribe are the most effective method of boosting your energy levels, and Hi Lo is a perfect fit in this category. It is among the most basic games since the player can guess the card that will come up the next time. The name Spribe Hi Lo implies it is a game where you guess which card will be more or less than the current one. For instance, if your currently active player is seven and you believe that the one following it is higher, you must have at least 8 to be a winner.

The game takes it to the next stage by introducing the ”high” or ”same as” buttons that offer greater chances of winning. Furthermore, there are three drawn cards, and you have to decide which one will be shown. Again, your actions directly affect the outcome, even though everything is entirely random.


The design of Hilo is remarkably similar to that of all previous Spribe games. Their products' backgrounds come in a variety of colors, and Hilo has a dark yellow design. Your eyes won't get tired as quickly thanks to the dark theme, which also creates a relaxing ambiance.

You will notice a betting area on the right side of your screen, where you can make as many bets as you'd like. Even some popular values, such as $1, $3, $5, and $10, are offered so that you may choose quickly. There is a “Bet” button that you can use to begin wagering in this game below the betting area.

Odds and Payouts

HiLo doesn't provide fixed payments. Each game round may have a different payoff for accurately predicting whether the following card will be lower or higher. This is due to the fact that the probabilities vary according on the value of the base card. The reward decreases as probability increases. As a result, the payout for a higher card outcome will be substantially lower than for a lower one. In general, the chances would be 50/50. The odds, however, reduce to about 47.5% when you take into account that the majority of hi-lo games have about a 2.5% house edge. 

Return To Player (RTP) & Game Volatility

HiLo has a 97% RTP, which is the highest RTP of any Spribe game. This percentage gives players a benefit because it is significantly higher than the RTP of many video slots. Typically, Spribe simulates a total of 10 million bets to determine the RTP, which yields the overall return to player rate. This implies that the closer you get to the 97% RTP, the longer you play.

You will play with a medium volatility setting with regard to the game's volatility. There are fewer alternatives than in video slots, making it difficult to estimate volatility even if the outcome is always fully random.

How do I Play Hi Lo?

Bet range

Like any other slot game in a casino, begin playing Hi Lo by deciding on your stake. Based on the casino you're playing in, the size of your bet can range between $0.10 to $300 per round. After you've decided on your bet amount, hit the “Bet” buttons.


The playing area will be filled with cards laid out face-down. The task is to determine which of the cards will be greater or lesser by value than the one currently on display. It's as easy as it gets. And if it's precisely the same, it's also regarded as an extra win for you. Certain casinos allow you to select which card you want to use.

Placing bet

The initial stage in most casino games is to place your bet. The “+” and “-” buttons can be used to modify the amount. You can start the game by clicking the “bet” button after placing your wager. The player must select a card to draw. Then the player must predict which of the three cards will be revealed as the following card will be higher/equal to his own or lower/equal to it.

During the game, different levels of danger can be incurred. It is determined by the player's selection of cards drawn and the wager placed in front of the face-up cards that the dealer has dealt. The player has two options if he wins his wager: he can carry on and win more money, or he can stop. The player's winnings increase when they win multiple games in a row. He might even cash in his winnings. The game finishes and a new one starts if the player fails.

Hi-Lo Game Strategy

Awareness of the cards that have already been played and keeping tabs on the cards still in the deck will help you win more Hi-Lo games. You should wager on the next card being higher if you are aware that there are still many high cards in the deck. Similarly, you should wager on the lower next card if you know there are many low cards still in the deck. You can improve your chances of winning at Hi-Lo by keeping track of the cards that have been dealt out and paying attention to what is still in the deck. In addition to keeping track of what's remaining and paying attention to the cards that are being played you can do a few additional things to improve your chances of succeeding at Hi-Lo: 

  • To develop a feel for the game and improve your chances of winning, wager the least amount possible during the first few rounds. 
  • Never wager more than you can afford to lose. 
  • When you are in the lead, leave. When you're ahead financially, it's time to give up.


Crypto arcade games are known for being open, which is evident beyond the sleek visual appearance of the real-time backend. The main features of Hi Lo consequently are built on this premise. The following are the useful features 

Provably Fair game

The blockchain-based Provably Fair technology is used in the HiLo cryptocurrency game. Through the given hash, players have the chance to confirm that the game they played was actually random.

Free bets

The most incredible way to introduce a game to your consumers is with free spins. You can also use free bets as a gift in occasional promotions and giveaways. you can avail of free spins during the game to win more.

Top Casinos for Hi Lo cards game

Many online casinos offer the game. We recommend that you play HiLo at one of the casinos we've reviewed. Below is a list of the best casino sites with the best bonuses where you can play HiLo game with confidence:

Casinos Supported
Offers Welcome
Doesn't accept US/UK Players
bc.game (1)
  • Up to 180% deposit bonus for new customers
  • Free daily spin with rewards up to 5 BTC
  • 100% Deposit bonus up to 50 MBTC
Fight club casino
  • Up to $400 Welcome Bonus or 5 BTC +100 Free Spins bonus for new customers
  • 100% and up to a massive 5 BTC
  • Loyalty Program
  • Free Spins
  • Cash Reward


Hi Lo is an arcade game, perfect to bet on for fun. It'sIt's as simple as they can get, and you'll be fully immersed all the way through. It'sIt's a fun game of cards that is suitable for novices and experienced gamblers. For players looking for additional betting options to take on the stakes, The Hi Lo game allows you to place bets on different outcomes, with various payouts.

Hi Lo Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do I need to download Hi Lo for play?

Absolutely no. The arcade game HiLo can be played instantly from the casino's site. No matter if you're playing on a PC or a mobile device, there's no application or software to download.

Is Hi Lo a fair game for novices?

Yes, definitely. The game is simple enough that it doesn't take long to sign up. The various bet sizes permit playing for fun and big bets by high rollers.


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