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Guardians of Ice & Fire – Slot

Guardians of Ice & Fire is a vibrant slot game developed by Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft), known for its engaging theme that pits the elemental forces of ice against fire. In this game, players are invited into a mythic world where two guardians represent the yin and yang of these powerful elements, each commanding their own unique abilities. With its compelling graphics and dynamic gameplay, Guardians of Ice & Fire transcends traditional slot experiences by offering a narrative of epic encounters and elemental balance.

The slot game stands out with a set of 5 reels and 10 pay-lines, and provides players with a variety of features such as Wilds, Free Spins, and the possibility to win with a competitive return-to-player (RTP) rate of 96.7%. Symbols on the reels include items that evoke the theme, such as flaming swords, icy shields, and character symbols of the guardians themselves. The fusion of the ice and fire elements is not just a visual feast but also an integral part of the game mechanics, offering players a unique twist on traditional slot gameplay.

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Game overview

Guardians of Ice & Fire is a meticulously crafted slot game by PG Soft, featuring a dual-reel mechanic and a theme centered around elemental forces embodied by guardians.

Theme and design

The game presents a visually striking theme that pits the elemental forces of ice and fire against each other, represented by two Guardians respectively. The yin and yang dichotomy is a central element, providing a rich backdrop for the game's narrative. The graphics are of a high AAA quality, offering players an immersive and uncluttered visual experience across various devices.

Gameplay mechanics

Guardians of Ice & Fire operates on a 5-reel and 10 pay-line structure, distinguishing itself with a unique dual-reel feature during the Free Spins round. Bet sizes range from €0.2 to €20, accommodating a wide spectrum of players. The RTP is listed as 96.7%, indicating the game’s return-to-player percentage, and the slot includes mechanics like multipliers and an additional reel during Free Spins to increase the potential for wins.

Symbols and paytable

Symbols within Guardians of Ice & Fire are thematically designed to align with the elemental battle motif, presenting icons such as flaming swords and icy shields. Here are key symbols players should watch for:

  • Dragon symbol: This represents one of the high-value elements on the paytable.
  • Knights in shining armor: These symbols contribute to the slot's narrative and can offer substantial payouts.
  • Wilds: Important for creating winning combinations by substituting for other symbols.

During the Free Spins Feature, landing at least three scatter symbols can trigger multipliers reaching up to x10, magnifying the payout potential for players.

Features and bonuses

Guardians of Ice & Fire by PG Soft is a captivating online video slot that delivers an engaging experience through its range of features and bonuses. Players can benefit from wild symbols, free spins rounds, and unique special features that enhance the gameplay.

Wild symbols

In Guardians of Ice & Fire, wild symbols play a crucial role by substituting for all other symbols to create winning combinations, except for the free spins symbols. These wild symbols are represented by the two guardians, which only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, increasing the potential for substantial wins.

Free spins rounds

The free spins feature is triggered by landing the appropriate free spin symbols. During these rounds, players have the opportunity to play with a double set of reels, which significantly amplifies the chances of hitting winning combinations. Additionally, free spins can be retriggered, adding one extra spin for each free spin symbol obtained.

Special features

Guardians of Ice & Fire is renowned for its high RTP of 96.7% and the potential for large payouts, with a maximum win of up to x50,000 the player's initial stake. Players can engage in the game's Gem-themed slot experience, featuring a dynamic interface ideal for a mobile gaming experience in portrait mode. The slot also incorporates multipliers up to x10 in the free spins rounds, enhancing the excitement and intensity of the game.

Betting and payouts

Guardians of Ice & Fire offers players a wide range of betting options and the chance to secure substantial wins with its competitive payout structure.

Betting options

  • Minimum Bet: Players can enter the game with a minimum bet, keeping it accessible for casual players.
  • Maximum Bet: Those looking to win big can increase their stake up to the game's set maximum bet to aim for the higher payouts.

Return to player

  • RTP: The Return to Player (RTP) for Guardians of Ice & Fire is fixed at a solid 96.7%, indicating a fair payback over time.


  • Ways to win: The game expands winning possibilities with up to 2,304 ways to win, providing players with numerous combinations to hit winning spins.

Software and mobile compatibility

Guardians of Ice & Fire is a product of Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft), which is known for its sophisticated gaming solutions that emphasize graphical superiority and engaging storylines. The slot game is designed with a clear focus on software optimization and cross-platform compatibility.


PG Soft stands out in the field of casino game development by integrating high-end visuals with compelling game narratives. Their approach ensures that Guardians of Ice & Fire leverages the latest software technologies to provide a smooth and dynamic gaming experience. It is developed using HTML5, which allows for seamless play on various desktop browsers without the need for additional plugins.

Mobile gaming

Guardians of Ice & Fire prioritizes a mobile-first design philosophy, ensuring that the game operates flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. The game adjusts perfectly to different screen sizes and orientations, providing an optimal gaming experience across all mobile devices. PG Soft's attention to mobile compatibility is evident by:

  • Responsive design for usability on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Touch-optimized controls for intuitive gameplay on touch screens.

The mobile compatibility of the game is a testament to PG Soft's commitment to catering to the growing demand for high-quality mobile gaming experiences.

Player experience

The player experience in “Guardians of Ice & Fire” is structured to be engaging and intuitive, leveraging PG Soft's acclaimed artwork and cutting-edge mechanics to deliver a satisfying gaming environment.

User interface

The user interface of the game is designed for hassle-free interaction. Players can easily adjust bets, access game information, and spin the reels effortlessly. The betting range is flexible, accommodating a spectrum from 0.2 to 20 euros, that caters to different player budgets.

Sound and graphics

PG Soft's “Guardians of Ice & Fire” is notable for its AAA-caliber artwork and high-quality rendering. The graphics are crisp, featuring a blend of icy and fiery visuals that vividly represent the game's theme. The sound design complements the visuals, with immersive audio that matches the on-screen action, enhancing the player's engagement.

Game immersion

The slot creates a compelling experience through an intricate theme of opposing elements embodied by the guardians. This battle between ice and fire symbolizes yin and yang, offering a narrative depth that pulls players into the game's lore. The inclusion of features like Free Spins with up to x10 multipliers and various symbol designs like flaming swords and icy shields maintains high levels of immersion.


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