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  • Unique Theme
  • Engaging Mechanics
  • Medium Volatility
  • Niche Appeal

Dragon Hatch is an engaging slot game developed by Pocket Games Soft, popularly known as PG Soft. This game distinguishes itself with a unique theme centered on the mystical world of dragons. Set within the confines of a hidden cave laden with treasures, Dragon Hatch offers a virtual adventure to players looking to uncover riches alongside legendary creatures. The game is crafted with exquisite artwork that brings its theme to life, coupled with an immersive soundtrack that enhances the overall gaming experience.

With its release, Dragon Hatch has gained attention for its gameplay mechanics. It operates on a 5×5 grid and utilizes a cluster pays system, where wins are registered for clusters of four or more symbols touching either horizontally or vertically. It incorporates cascading symbols feature, which adds to the dynamics of the game by allowing winning symbols to be replaced by new ones, potentially creating additional wins in a single spin.

The game is built to cater to a wide audience with its medium volatility and high return to player (RTP) rate of 96.83%, indicating a balanced level of risk and return over a long-term period. Dragon Hatch is optimized for mobile devices, allowing gamers to delve into this dragon-themed quest on various platforms, while offering a betting range that accommodates both casual players and high-rollers. The slot's potential to award significant payouts adds to its appeal, making it a worthy inclusion in the collection of slots offered by PG Soft.

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Overview of Dragon Hatch slot

Dragon Hatch is a video slot game that appeals to players with its themed adventure into a mystical world, infused with mythical creatures. Developed by PG Soft, it features a unique playing grid and various pay mechanics.

Game provider: PG Soft

PG Soft, also known as Pocket Games Soft, is recognized in the iGaming industry for its innovative and visually striking video slot creations. They bring to the market games with immersive storylines, high-quality graphics, and engaging gameplay features.

Game Type: Video slot

Dragon Hatch is classified as a video slot game, which means it includes animated symbols and often features a thematic storyline. In this case, the game takes players on a journey through a dragon's lair in search of treasures.

Reels, rows, and paylines

Reels: 5
Rows: 5
Paylines: Utilises a cluster pay system

In Dragon Hatch, the game does not use traditional paylines. Instead, it opts for a 5×5 game grid with the cluster-pay mechanic, where wins are formed by landing clusters of four or more matching symbols that are connected either horizontally or vertically. This provides a different and engaging dynamic compared to the standard reel and payline systems of many slot games.

Theme and design

In the realm of online slots, PG Soft's Dragon Hatch stands out with its distinct theme and meticulous design. It transports players into a fantastical world inhabited by dragons, coupling an immersive atmosphere with high-quality visuals and sounds.

Dragon Hatch theme

Dragon Hatch is steeped in a rich tapestry of dragon lore, placing players in a vibrant cavern filled with treasures and mythical creatures. A nest prominently featuring eggs is indicative of the dragon's protective nature over its progeny, which is central to the game's theme. The design elements hint at the presence of various dragons, such as the dragon queen, earth dragon, water dragon, and fire dragon, offering players a sense of anticipation and excitement as they interact with these formidable creatures.

Symbol design and animations

The symbols of Dragon Hatch encompass a range of low-paying and high-paying icons, designed to align with the fantastical theme. High-value symbols are represented by various dragons and elements associated with them:

  • Mother Dragon: A symbol of power and leadership in the dragon hierarchy.
  • Earth, Water, Fire Dragons: Each depicting the elemental nature of dragon mythology.

Low-paying symbols include:

  • Green Diamond
  • Blue Club
  • Red Heart
  • Orange Spades

The game's meticulous design extends to fluid animations that bring each spin to life. When winning clusters form, the symbols involved are animated with flames or magical glows, emphasizing their importance and enhancing the game experience.

Sound and music

PG Soft has infused Dragon Hatch with an audio experience that complements the visual design. Subtle background music evokes the mystery and grandeur of a dragon's lair, with crescendos aligning with gameplay peaks. The sound effects merge with the animations, delivering cues on winning combinations and game progression. Each dragon type brings its unique auditory flair, further drawing players into the mythical world crafted by the slot.

Betting and payouts

In the world of online slots, the mechanics of betting and payouts determine a game's appeal. Dragon Hatch is a title that offers players a range of betting options with the potential for significant rewards according to its paytable.

Bet range and sizes

Dragon Hatch accommodates a variety of budgets, offering a bet range from as low as $0.20 or $0.30 to as high as $90 to $200 per spin. Players can adjust their bet sizes directly under the reels, tailoring their stakes to their individual comfort levels.

RTP and volatility

The game boasts a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.83%, which is slightly above the industry average, hinting at potentially favorable outcomes for the players over time. Dragon Hatch operates on a medium volatility framework, balancing the frequency and amount of payouts in a way that offers a steady gaming experience without excessive risk.

Maximum win and paytable

Players engage with a 5×5 grid slot, where the maximum win potential peaks at an impressive 15,000 times the bet amount. The paytable showcases diverse symbols, each with its payout potential. For example, the green diamond symbol can yield payouts that range from 2 to 300 coins. Payouts are awarded for clusters of four or more similar symbols that connect either horizontally or vertically.

Gameplay mechanics

Dragon Hatch by PG Soft introduces a realm where dragons reign and the cascades are key to unlocking their treasures. This game’s mechanics provide a variety of reel modifiers and features that reflect the mythical power of the dragons within.

Base game features

In the base game of Dragon Hatch, players engage with a standard spin system to align symbols on the reels. A wild symbol is present to substitute for other symbols, thereby increasing the potential for winning combinations. The unique aspect of the base game lies in the collection of themed dragon features that players can activate.

Dragon features

Dragon Hatch includes several distinct dragon features, each with its own reel modifier:

  • Earth Dragon Feature: Transforms non-winning symbols into wilds.
  • Water Dragon Feature: Adds wild symbols to the reels to create winning combinations.
  • Fire Dragon Feature: Destroys adjacent symbols around the wild, allowing for new symbols to cascade down.
  • Dragon Queen Feature: When triggered, it turns all high-paying symbols into the highest-paying Dragon Queen symbol for significant wins.

These features are tied to the narrative of the dragons and are pivotal to escalating the gameplay intensity.

Cascading reels mechanic

A fundamental mechanic in Dragon Hatch is the cascading reels:

  • Cascading Wins: Winning symbols are removed, and new symbols cascade down to fill the empty spaces, potentially creating additional wins.
  • Cascading Reels: This continuous loop can lead to a chain of wins from a single spin.
  • Cascading Symbol Mechanic: Enhances the gameplay by prolonging the spin experience and offering increased chances for activating the dragon features.

The cascading reels are integral to the game's dynamic environment, providing a thrilling gaming experience where every spin can lead to prolonged cascading action.

Bonus elements

Dragon Hatch by PG Soft boasts an array of bonus elements that enhance gameplay, with free spins, collection mechanics, and special symbols contributing to an exciting slot experience.

Free spins and modifiers

In the Dragon Hatch slot game, free spins are not presented in the traditional sense. Instead, modifiers act as the game-changer, triggered after collecting a specific number of symbols on the collection bar. They transform the play with features that are functionally similar to free spins, providing players with extra opportunities for wins without having to place additional wagers.

Cluster pays and collection bar

Cluster Pays mechanic allows players to win by forming clusters of four or more symbols that are connected either horizontally or vertically. The collection bar fills up as winning symbols are accumulated during a spin. As players gather symbols, they progress through the collection bar tiers, and upon reaching certain thresholds, they activate the exclusive modifiers, making each spin a step closer to potentially larger payouts.

Special symbols and bonus rounds

The game incorporates various special symbols, such as wilds, which substitute for other symbols and aid in forming clusters. Bonus rounds are unlocked through the collection feature, bringing to life the dragon-themed adventure with elements like the Fire Dragon, which adds a unique symbol pattern to the grid, increasing the potential for winning combinations. These bonus rounds do not just elevate the excitement but can also strategically increase the player's winnings.

Dragon Hatch mobile experience

The Dragon Hatch slot game provides an engaging experience on mobile devices with optimized compatibility and a user-friendly game interface.

Mobile compatibility

Dragon Hatch is developed for seamless play on mobile devices. Its design is mobile-optimized, ensuring that players can enjoy the game with ease and consistency across different platforms. The slot's performance is tailored to cater to varying screen sizes, operating on both iOS and Android systems effectively. Whether on smartphones or tablets, Dragon Hatch maintains a high-quality visual and audio experience without compromising on the game's rich features.

Game interface on mobile

The interface of Dragon Hatch on mobile devices is crafted to provide a comfortable and intuitive user experience. On smaller screens, every element of the game is adjusted to ensure visibility and accessibility. The main game functions are within easy reach:

  • Spin Button: Positioned prominently for straightforward gameplay.
  • Bet Adjustment: Easily accessible for players to alter their bet sizes.
  • Menu Access: Simplified navigation through game settings and paytable information.

With touch-screen capabilities, mobile players can interact directly with the game's interface, enhancing the immersion in the dragon-themed adventure. The game's responsive design ensures that animations and transitions are smooth, thus keeping the thrilling atmosphere of the slot intact.

Unique features and highlights

Dragon Hatch by PG Soft stands out with its engaging treasure chase within the Fulroya mountains, offering winning combos through a cluster pays system.

Treasure collection and winning combos

In Dragon Hatch, players engage in a treasure collection system where winning combinations are key. The game employs a cluster pays system, rewarding players for clusters of four or more connected symbols, either horizontally or vertically. A distinctive feature is the symbol collection meter, which progresses with each winning combo, triggering special Dragon Feature events that lead to enhanced win potential.

Dragon Hatch's distinctive gameplay

Dragon Hatch's gameplay differs significantly from traditional slot games due to its interactive and dynamic features. The game includes several Dragon Feature surprises activated through the accumulation of winning symbols in the symbol collection meter. Each dragon provides a unique modification to the reels, such as transforming symbols or adding wilds, which creates more opportunities for substantial treasure wins. The game's medium volatility and RTP of 96.83% ensure a balanced experience with frequent enough wins to keep players thoroughly engaged.

Regulatory information and fair play

When engaging with online slot games like Dragon Hatch, transparency in regulatory information and assurance of fair play are paramount. The game's developer, PG Soft, adheres to stringent licensing requirements and implements rigorous privacy policies to ensure player safety.

Game provider licensing

PG Soft, the developer of Dragon Hatch, is a well-established entity in the iGaming industry, holding a critical gaming supply license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This licensing ensures that the games provided by PG Soft are:

  • Compliant with international standards.
  • Regularly tested for fairness and randomness.
  • Monitored for integrity and reliability of gameplay.

Privacy policies and player safety

PG Soft is committed to upholding high standards of player privacy and safety. It has a comprehensive privacy policy in place that outlines the following:

  • How player data is collected and used.
  • Measures taken to protect personal information.
  • Procedures for data retention and the rights of the players in accessing their information.

The privacy policy emphasizes PG Soft's dedication to securing personal data, in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles.


The Dragon Hatch slot game from PG Soft has made a significant impact among slot game enthusiasts. It offers a blend of enchanting themes and engaging game mechanics, providing a unique gaming experience. The slot game boasts a medium volatility and features a 5×5 grid layout that appeals to a wide array of players.

  • RTP: 96.83%
  • Maximum Win: 15,000x bet size
  • Betting Range: 0.20 to 200 credits per spin

Players appreciate the cluster pays design, where wins are attributed to clusters of four or more symbols. The game has been optimized for mobile use but retains full functionality on desktop platforms as well.

The intertwining of captivating graphics and the promise of decent win potential is a testament to the game's design ethos. The slot's strengths lie in its ability to merge a visually appealing environment with solid mechanics, such as cascading symbols. The combination of these elements delivers an immersive gaming experience.

For those drawn to slots that merge mythical themes with substantial win opportunities, Dragon Hatch may be a match. The game has not only maintained the legacy of its predecessor but enhanced it with its improved features and gameplay dynamics. Players looking to embark on a mythical adventure with the possibility of significant rewards will find Dragon Hatch from PG Soft to be a compelling choice.

Dragon Hatch Slot Game FAQ

How can I play the Dragon Hatch slot game for free?

Players can try the Dragon Hatch slot game for free through the demo version available on various online casino platforms that offer PG Soft games. Many websites allow players to experience the game without the need to bet real money.

Where can I download the Dragon Hatch game by PG Soft?

The Dragon Hatch game may not need to be downloaded as it is designed to run in a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices. Players can access the game through online casinos that host PG Soft slots.

What are the unique features of Dragon Hatch slots?

Dragon Hatch is a 5×5 grid slot featuring cascading symbols and cluster pays. Winning clusters require four or more connected symbols, and the game includes a Cascading Wins mechanic where winning symbols are replaced, potentially leading to consecutive wins.

Is there a Dragon Hatch 2 game available, and what are its improvements?

Yes, there is a sequel named Dragon Hatch 2. It retains the popular features of the original, but with updated graphics and potentially enhanced gameplay mechanics. The sequel offers a similar medium volatility experience and includes improvements that may be found in the paytable and bonus features.

Can I play PG Soft games, including Dragon Hatch, on my mobile device?

PG Soft games, such as Dragon Hatch, are mobile-optimized, ensuring that players can enjoy an immersive gaming experience on various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, without compromising on quality or performance.

How does the Dragon Tiger game by PG Soft differ from Dragon Hatch?

Dragon Tiger by PG Soft is a separate game that offers a different theme and gameplay experience from Dragon Hatch. While Dragon Hatch focuses on cluster pays and cascading symbols in a fantasy theme, Dragon Tiger typically features distinctive game mechanics and a unique theme centered around the creatures it's named after.


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