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Positive aspects of the game
  • Clear stream
  • Top dealers
  • 5+1 side bet


The disadvantages we highlight
  • Max bet can be higher


In 2015, Evolution Gaming brought Live Caribbean Stud Poker to the gaming community. With an RTP of 98.18%, this live dealer poker game stands out. With a broad betting range, players can bet as little as $1 and as much as $3,000. 

This game, which is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, provides an appealing variety of casino poker, boosted with a progressive prize. 


Caribbean Stud is a popular casino table game, and Live Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution Gaming allows players to experience the excitement of the game in a real casino environment with live dealers from the comfort of their own homes.

The game follows the standard Caribbean Stud rules, with each player receiving five cards and competing to beat the dealer's hand. The normal poker hand rankings are used to compare hands. Aside from the opportunity to raise or fold after getting their first five cards, players can also wager on the 5+1 extra bet, and there is a progressive jackpot to be won.


Evolution Gaming has made a strong presence in the world of casino poker, notably in games like casino hold 'em. Their Caribbean Stud Poker introduces some unique tweaks and features that distinguish it from traditional live poker tables. 

As part of an in-depth examination of Evolution's Caribbean Stud Poker, it is critical to highlight how this variety varies and what subtleties it adds in comparison to Evolution Gaming's other live poker products.

Game features

Fast-paced action

Live Caribbean Stud Poker is an exciting and fast-paced variant of live poker, providing a thrilling gaming experience with plenty of action to keep players engaged.

Bonus bonanza

Enjoy extra bonuses, exceptional side bets, and the chance to hit jackpots, making the game even more appealing and rewarding.

Gameplay breakdown

Card distribution

In each round, both the live dealer and the player are dealt five cards. The player's cards are face up, while only one of the dealer's cards is revealed; the rest remain face down.

5+1 bonus side bet

During this phase, players can opt for the enticing 5+1 Bonus side bet. If the combination of the player's five cards and the dealer's face-up card forms ‘three of a kind' or better, the player wins the bonus, multiplying the stake by up to 1,000 times.

Decision time: raise or fold

Players must decide whether to raise or fold based on their initial hand, adding a strategic element to the game.

Revealing the Dealer's Hand

After the player's decision, the dealer reveals the remaining four cards. This determines whether the player has a winning hand.

Winning and jackpot opportunities

Dealer's qualification

For the dealer's hand to qualify, it must include an Ace and a King or better. A minimum qualifying hand consists of an Ace, a King, a four, a three, and a two. Hands with one pair or higher also qualify.

Winning the ante bet

If the player's hand is better, they win the Ante bet. If the player's hand is superior and the dealer qualifies, the player also wins the bet amount.

Royal flush jackpot

Achieving a royal flush gives players a chance to win the jackpot, which increases with each game round until claimed with a royal flush.

Additional payouts

The same side bet not only pays out for a royal flush but also offers fixed-value payouts for other hands, including ‘three of a kind,' straight, flush, full house, ‘four of a kind,' and straight flush.

Caribbean Stud Poker hand rankings

Royal flush 

The highest-ranking hand in Caribbean Stud Poker consists of the top five cards in the deck – 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all of the same suit.

Straight flush

Comprising five consecutive cards of the same suit, the Straight Flush is a strong hand, excluding the Royal Flush. The Ace may also be counted as one in this sequence.

Four of a kind

This hand features any four cards of the same face value, accompanied by any other odd card in the deck.

Full house

A Full House is formed by having any three cards of the same face value, along with any other two cards of a different face value.


Consisting of any five cards of the same suit, a Flush does not require consecutive face values. The cards, however, should all be of the same suit.


A Straight is formed by having five cards of two or more suits running consecutively at face value.

Three of a kind

This hand includes any three cards of the same face value, supplemented by any other two odd cards in the deck.

Two pairs

Featuring any two cards of the same face value, paired with another two cards of a different face value (distinct from the first pair), and complemented by any other odd card.

One pair

The simplest pair hand consists of any two cards of the same face value, accompanied by any other three odd cards in the deck.

Understanding these hand rankings is essential for playing Caribbean Stud Poker effectively. The goal is to aim for higher-ranking hands to increase your chances of winning against the dealer.

How to play Caribbean Stud Poker?

The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, and before each round, the cards are shuffled to keep things fair.

  • Ante set: To start, you place an Ante bet. This is your initial wager and sets the game in motion.
  • Card deal: You and the dealer each get 5 cards. Your cards are face up so you can see them right away.
  • Dealer's card show: The dealer reveals only one of their cards, adding a bit of suspense to the game.
  • Player's decision: Now, it's your turn. You can either make an additional bet (call) or decide to stop playing (fold).
  • Full dealer hand: After your decision, the dealer shows the remaining 4 cards in their hand. This reveals the full picture of their cards.
  • Dealer qualification: For the dealer's hand to count, they need at least an Ace and a King or a better combination.
  • Determining the winner: The round's winner is decided by comparing the values of the hands. The higher-value hand wins.

The round ends with either you or the dealer winning. Payouts are made accordingly, and you're ready for the next round of Live Caribbean Stud Poker! In summary, it's a simple and fun game where you aim to have a better hand than the dealer to win.

Tips to increase winning chances

Caribbean Stud Poker is a thrilling and dynamic game that combines elements of traditional poker with the excitement of a casino setting. For online betting enthusiasts looking to enhance their chances of winning at Caribbean Stud Poker, mastering the game's unique features is crucial. Let's delve into an in-depth guide that explores strategies to maximize your success in this captivating online poker variant.

Understanding the basics

Before delving into advanced strategies, it's essential to have a solid understanding of the basic rules and features of Caribbean Stud Poker. Familiarize yourself with the hand rankings, the dealer qualification criteria, and the nuances of placing Ante and Call bets. Once the fundamentals are clear, you can proceed with a strategic approach to elevate your gameplay.

Strategic starting hands

Begin by adopting a discerning approach to your starting hands. While the temptation to play every hand may arise, exercising restraint and patience is key. Strong starting hands, such as pairs, high-value cards, or suited connectors, increase your odds of forming winning combinations as the game progresses.

Ante bet considerations

The Ante bet serves as the foundation for each round. Consider your Ante bet wisely, keeping in mind that a cautious approach can help manage your bankroll effectively. While aggressive betting can yield higher returns, it also involves greater risk. Balance is key – striking a harmony between bold moves and prudent decisions can be advantageous.

Evaluating the dealer's upcard

One distinctive feature of Caribbean Stud Poker is the partial revelation of the dealer's hand. Assess the dealer's up card carefully, as it influences your decision to Call or Fold. If the dealer's up card is weaker than your hand, opting for a Call bet can be a strategic move, especially if you have a strong starting hand.

Utilizing the 5+1 bonus side bet

The 5+1 Bonus Side Bet introduces an additional layer of excitement and potential winnings. To capitalize on this feature, assess your initial hand and the dealer's upcard. If your combination aligns with the criteria for the 5+1 Bonus, taking advantage of this side bet can significantly boost your overall winnings.

Effective bankroll management

Successful online betting extends beyond individual rounds. Implementing effective bankroll management is vital for sustained success in Caribbean Stud Poker. Set limits on your bets, allocate a portion of your bankroll for each session, and resist the temptation to chase losses. A disciplined approach ensures longevity and enhances your overall online betting experience.

Identifying favorable table conditions

Choosing the right online table can influence your success in Caribbean Stud Poker. Look for tables with favorable payout rates and competitive house edges. Additionally, observe the playing patterns of fellow participants. Identifying trends and adapting your strategy accordingly can provide a strategic advantage.

Continuous learning and adaptation

Caribbean Stud Poker is a dynamic game, and the online betting landscape evolves. Stay informed about the latest strategies, rule variations, and industry trends. Continuous learning and adaptability contribute to your overall proficiency and increase your chances of success.

RTP (return to player) and volatility

If you're not familiar with Caribbean Stud Poker side bets, all of the information above could be a little confusing. In either case, the RTP of the Call bet is 96.29%. However, because the Call bet cannot win without an Ante, the primary bet's real RTP is 98.18%.

Mobile experience

The game works well on both computers and phones. Whether you're using a big screen or a small one, the game looks good and is easy to play. It's designed to fit any device, so you can enjoy it wherever you are.

Top casinos to play Caribbean Stud Poker

We reviewed all of the online and crypto casinos and gathered all of the casinos that offer Caribbean Stud Poker  by Evolution Gaming the best bonus offer for you. The following are the best casino sites where you can play Caribbean Stud Poker with confidence:

Casinos Supported

Offers Welcome
Accept USA Players
Fight club casino
  • Up to $400 Welcome Bonus or 5 BTC +100 Free Spins bonus for new customers
Accept Canada Players
  • 200 TFS Tokens for signup
  • 450% welcome pack up to 5 BTC
  • 140 Free Spins
Accept Australian/Canadian Players
frank casino-1
  • Welcome Bonus 125% up to €/$200 + 100 Free Spins
Accept USA Players
wild casino
Wild Casino
  • 300% Welcome bonus for crypto deposit up to $3,000
  • 250% Welcome bonus up to $1,000 for normal cash deposit
  • 10% Weekly Rebate
Wild Casino
  • Welcome bonus up to 1 BTC +100 FS
  • Wednesday Free Spins
  • Weekend Reload Bonus up to 280 mBTC +120 FS
bc.game (1)
  • Up to 180% deposit bonus for new customers
  • Free daily spin with rewards up to 5 BTC
  • 100% Deposit bonus up to 50 MBTC
  • Up to €500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Welcome bonus
  • Reload offers
JB full logo 400x400 light dark bg
  • Get 45% Cashback & 70 Free Spins on 1st 3 deposits!
  • Welcome Bonus up to 166% + 66 Free Spins on 1st deposit
  • No Deposit Bonus available
  • Up to 1 Bitcoin welcome bonus
  • 10% daily Cashback
  • Loyalty Program
  • 100% Bonus and up to a massive 5 BTC
  • Bonus of 100% and up to a massive 7 BTC
  • Loyalty Program
  • Free Spins
  • Cash Reward


To sum it up, playing Live Caribbean Stud Poker is exciting! It has clear videos, great dealers, and cool side bets. Just keep in mind that the maximum bet could be higher. The game has a good RTP of 98.18%, and you can play it on your computer or phone.

For better chances of winning, be smart about your bets, use the 5+1 bonus, and manage your money wisely. Learn as you go and have fun at the top casinos offering Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution Gaming. It's an awesome game that combines strategy with the thrill of poker!


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