What is Library Credits?

Library Credits (LBC)





Library Credits (LBC) is a platform that provides a new way for people to publish and share content with one another online. Once an artist or owner stream a film online on LBC, other viewers share a piece with the artist or owner and yet, the artist stays in control. The platform empowers creators to show their work on their terms with anyone in the world.


How LBRY works?


When an artist wants to share on the LBRY, he/she needs to claim a library URL. After that, he/she will be able to upload his/her work and set a price. If others want to access it, they will have to pay the price. For instance, if you set a $1 fee, they will have to pay it first before gaining access to your files and uploads. However, if you want to share your content with absolutely no fee, you can do that as well.

LYBRY video explanation

Since the platform is completely decentralized, there will be no intermediary, no advertisers, and no censorship. In a simpler sense, there will be no one who will be in control, fully own, or dictate how artists, authors, and virtual reality producers use LBRY to discover, transmit, buy, or sell content. The users are put in the control, and everything they upload and do will be up to them.


The platform of LBRY is a digital marketplace where users own their data. If you are an LBRY creator, you will be the one who will control the network. The content could be about college lessons, Hollywood films, news, events, and another stream of media that you think will trigger the interest of many. The LBRY developers strive to put art in a digitalized age, where everyone can create, produce and share valuable content with anyone in the world.



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